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Do dummy CCTV cameras work?

CCTV Camera

Closed circuit television cameras have been used extensively in the UK since the 1980’s, although in recent years there has been an explosion in the numbers of cameras used up and down the country.

The Security Industry Authority (SIA) now estimates there to be between 4.9 and 5.9 million cameras in operation in the UK, which is one camera for every 11-14 UK citizens.

Security cameras are a powerful tool in the fight against property crime and can help the police to apprehend and prosecute thieves and vandals. The main benefit is the prevention of crime, as a highly visible security camera in a home or business acts as a major deterrent to criminals.

For many homes and businesses, a dummy CCTV camera is a more cost effective security solution than a fully operation CCTV camera system which is expensive to purchase and maintain. A live feed and recording equipment may be a better investment if the value of goods being stored is considerable or current losses through theft are substantial.

Do Dummy CCTV Cameras Work?

A study conducted by the Home Office Policing and Reducing Crime Unit into the effectiveness of CCTV cameras concluded that security cameras can be an effective deterrent against property crime. However, the cost of closed circuit television cameras and the associated equipment to record and monitor live footage is often prohibitively expensive.

Installing a dummy CCTV camera – or network of cameras – around in a residence or place of business sends a message to would be criminals that there is an increased risk of being caught. Property crime is frequently opportunistic in nature, and the presence of an authentic looking CCTV camera system can be a highly effective deterrent and can convince would be criminals to move on to easier pickings.

What to look for in a dummy CCTV camera

In order for a dummy security camera to be an effective at deterring criminal activity it must look authentic. Dummy cameras should be visually similar or indistinguishable from security systems currently on the market. The cameras must look real from a distance and also stand up to closer scrutiny.

There are dummy cameras on the market which can easily be recognised as fakes so it is therefore important to purchase a dummy CCTV camera which has been modelled on an existing camera system. Additional features which improve authenticity include a visible power outlet and a camera data cable.

Many real CCTV cameras feature LED bulbs to indicate when the camera is in use. These features are replicated in many models of dummy CCTV camera to improve authenticity and avoid detection as a fake by criminals.

How to ensure Dummy CCTV cameras are effective

It is important that a dummy CCTV camera is suitable for the location in which it will be installed. External dummy cameras need to be capable of resisting corrosion and must be of a more robust build quality to stand up to the weather.

Dummy cameras should be positioned so they are clearly visible from a distance to deter criminals from approaching and should be used in realistic locations around a property. Dummy CCTV cameras can also be used alongside an existing security camera system to boost perceived camera coverage.

One of the most popular security cameras for interior use is the ceiling mounted dome camera. These are used extensively in offices and retail outlets as they have a 360 degree view and rotating camera. The lens is hidden behind smoked glass to make it difficult to see the position of the camera and no one can therefore be certain where the lens is pointing at any one time. A dummy CCTV dome camera is visually identical to this system and acts as a powerful deterrent to shoplifters in addition to preventing employee theft.

The use of warning signs advertising the presence of CCTV cameras on the premises can be an effective deterrent by themselves. They are also a requirement under current regulations covering the use of CCTV camera systems in the UK.

Our Dummy CCTV cameras

Our dummy CCTV cameras have been modelled on existing camera systems for added authenticity and are suitable for residential or commercial purposes. We stock wall and ceiling mounted cameras for interior use and heavy duty dummy cameras for exterior locations.

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