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Drum Trucks and Gas Cylinder Trucks: Making Heavy Loads a Breeze

When handling hefty loads such as oil drums and gas cylinders, it's all about safety first. Specialised trucks offer a reliable solution, providing a straightforward and secure means of transporting these bulky items. From robust steel drum carriers to dependable gas cylinder trucks, these purpose-built transport solutions are crafted to simplify the task of moving heavy loads, ensuring your business operations flow seamlessly and without risk. With their emphasis on safety and ease of use, these trucks are indispensable assets for any business dealing with heavy-duty logistics.

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Keeping your workplace safe

Having safe and easy-to-use transport solutions for heavy items at work is important. They help keep everyone safe by reducing the chances of accidents when moving big, bulky items. With these solutions, you don't have to strain yourself or worry about getting hurt while moving heavy loads. Plus, they're designed to be simple to use, which makes the whole process quicker and easier. This means workers can get their jobs done faster, without hassle. Here's a breakdown of some key products businesses should invest in if moving heavy loads is required.

  • Steel drum carrying truck: When handling tight head and open-top 210-litre steel drums, a steel drum carrying truck is the perfect solution. Designed specifically for this purpose, it offers excellent manoeuvrability and stability, allowing you to transport drums with ease and confidence.
  • Drum handler for 210-litre drums: Ideal for moving drums from Euro pallets and UK Chep pallets, a drum handler for 210-litre drums is a versatile solution for drum transportation. Its strong build and user-friendly design make it a safe and efficient option for handling drums in different environments.
  • Manual drum carrier for 210L drums: A manual drum carrier is designed to lift, transport, and dispense 210-litre tight head and open-top steel drums with ease. Its simple yet effective design makes it a valuable asset for any business looking to streamline its drum-handling processes.
  • Hydraulic drum or barrel trolleys: For loading and unloading steel drums with ease, a hydraulic drum trolley is the perfect choice. With hydraulic hi-lift capabilities, these trucks make it easy and safe to handle heavy drums, helping prevent strain and injuries for operators.
  • Portable drum-handling kit: A portable drum-handling kit gives you an easy way to move bulky items by yourself, like drums weighing up to 250kg. Plus, it uses duo lift pump technology to lift drums six times faster than other methods. It's all about getting the job done quickly and efficiently, so you can keep things moving smoothly.
  • Mobile drum cradle & dispenser: With large toe prongs for easy loading and unloading on and off pallets, a mobile drum cradle & dispenser is perfect for handling drums with ease. Its 350kg capacity and sturdy construction make it a reliable choice for businesses dealing with heavy loads.
  • Drum handler with eagle grip: Featuring an eagle grip to make sure drums stay in place during transport, this drum handler offers secure and efficient drum transportation. With its adjustable mechanism, this kit can easily handle drums of different heights, making it super versatile for all kinds of jobs.
  • Polyethylene gas cylinder trucks: A polyethylene gas cylinder truck is designed with safety in mind, featuring straps to secure cylinders safely during transport. Whether you're handling propane or other gasses, these trucks provide a secure and reliable solution for moving cylinders.
  • Propane cylinder trucks: Complete with a galvanised retainer chain to secure propane cylinders, a propane cylinder truck is perfect for handling bottles up to 47kg. With their strong build and secure design, they provide peace of mind when moving propane cylinders around.
  • Gas cylinder carrier trolleys: Suitable for cylinders up to 280mm in diameter, a gas cylinder carrier trolley is super versatile and convenient for moving cylinders. Whether it's oxygen, acetylene, or any other gasses, they've got you covered with a safe and efficient solution.
  • Oxygen acetylene double-cylinder trucks: Fitted with a pair of rear wheels to support loads when the trolley is lifted out of the vertical position, an oxygen acetylene double-cylinder truck provides strong support for moving cylinders around. They're built tough and designed to last, making them perfect for handling heavy loads without any hassle.
  • Oxygen cylinder trolley: Perfect for hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, medical centres, laboratories, and industrial settings, an oxygen cylinder trolley provides a safe and efficient way to transport oxygen cylinders. With their solid construction and design, they're a real game-changer for any business that needs to transport cylinders.
  • Lightweight cylinder trolley: A lightweight cylinder trolley can handle cylinders up to 180mm in diameter and 136kg in weight, making it a great choice for moving cylinders around easily. Whether you're dealing with medical gasses or industrial cylinders, this trolley is all about making things convenient and easy for those using it.

Easier, safer handling for your heavy loads

When handling heavy loads such as drums and gas cylinders, having the proper tools is important. That's where specialised trucks and trolleys come in handy. Designed specifically to make sure transportation is safe and efficient, they play a key role in keeping your business running smoothly, without accidents. With cutting-edge features like hydraulic lifting capabilities, secure grip mechanisms, and durable construction, investing in trucks and trolleys tailored for drums and cylinders is a smart move for addressing all your heavy load handling requirements. So, whether you're moving drums of chemicals or transporting gas cylinders across your facility, having the right equipment on hand can make all the difference in maintaining a safe and productive work environment.

Ask an expert

If you're ready to streamline your heavy load handling with specialised trucks and trolleys but not sure where to begin, contact Mark or Stuart in Technical Sales Support today on 0808 258 2643 or drop them a line at [email protected]. They'll be happy to help you find the perfect solutions tailored to your specific needs. Don't wait, reach out now to elevate your heavy-load transportation game.

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