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ESE Direct go Litter Picking

We had some of our professional litter pickers delivered to the office and thought we'd give them a try and do our bit for the environment at the same time

Martin, Matt and Suzette litter picking in Norwich

We're a tidy bunch here at ESE and we were rather excited when our new professional litter pickers arrived so we could spread the tidiness vibe outdoors too! Suzette, Matt and Martin took to Anderson's Meadow, a park close to ESE headquarters in Norwich, where several members of staff enjoy a wander of a lunch time.

Donning hi-vis jackets and double-gloved the team got busy with their litter pickers, separating recyclables with non-recyclables. It's surprising the amount of litter which gets left behind, spoiling our lovely green spaces. And with plenty of litter bins available too!

ESE Direct team members litter picking in local park

Chatting whilst clearing litter we discussed how much cleaner our country could be if people simply took their litter home. Another idea bandied around was if just once a week, on your evening walk you took your litter picker and a waste sack with you and gathered along the way, and everyone did this, we'd potentially be living in a beautiful litter-free environment. And wouldn't that be lovely.

Photograph of Debs

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