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First Aid Kit Buying Guide


First aid kits are a requirement in any workplace thanks to the Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981 and with the new BS-8599 regulations which were introduced in the Summer of 2011 there is now more guidance on what should be included and more guidelines for workplaces and the self-employed.


What’s changed with the BS-8599 Regulations?

The BS-8599 regulations now reflect the new training protocols of dealing with injuries, illnesses and also with the increased concern over infection control. The new regulations, which came into effect on 30th June 2011, was given a 6 month roll out period to be compliant by 30th December 2011.

First aid kits have been updated to reflect this and the changes include:

  • Increased disposable gloves, Nitrile rather than Latex to decrease any potential allergy attacks
  • An Introduction of small absorbent wound dressings
  • An introduction of a clothing cutter
  • An introduction of a resuscitation shield
  • Introduction of a heat reflecting foil survival blanket
  • Introduction of Saline wipes
  • Introduction of non-woven hypoallergenic tape

What size and how many first aid kits do I need?

Good question, this depends on the size of your workforce, and whether the working environment falls into a low risk category or high risk category, you can use the below tables as a guide to help you work out what you need to be compliant.

First Aid Kit sizes (Compliant with BS-8599)

Small Workplace Kit Up to 25 people
Medium Workplace Kit Between 25-50 people
Large Workplace Kit Over 100 people

Low Risk: shops, offices, libraries etc

Less than 25 Employees Small First Aid Kit
25-100 Employees Medium First Aid Kit
100+ Employees 1 Large Kit per 100 Employees

High Risk: Manufacturing, Agricultural, Construction, Machinery work etc

Less than 5 Employees Small First Aid Kit
5-25 Employees Medium First Aid Kit
25+ Employees 1 Large Kit per 25 Employees

If you need to purchase first aid kits ESE Direct supply the statutory Green Box First Aid kit in the small, medium large as well as travel sizes

We also supply motorist first aid kits among a vast range of first aid refills and supplies you can use to top up your existing first aid kit.

You can also purchase the legally required first aid signs from our site too. And for any first aid items which you need to keep under lock and key, a St John Ambulance approved lockable first aid cabinet is a great idea. 


Photograph of Laura Holland

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