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Pink Floyd Album Covers Re-Imagined as Safety Signs

We often strive for broad appeal on our blog, but today we set sail firmly for the land of niche; today we present four Pink Floyd album covers redesigned as workplace safety signs.

We have carefully calculated the target audience for this post, if you fit into the ‘?’ segment of this Venn diagram, then welcome – we weren’t even sure you existed.

Pink floyd venn diagram

Atom Heart Mother – See original here

Released in 1970, this was Floyd’s fifth studio album, featured a cow apparently called Lulabelle, photographed just outside Potters Bar.

Atom heart mother sign

Dark Side of the Moon See original here

Well, we could hardly leave out one of the most iconic album covers of all time, could we? Having sold upwards of 50 million copies, the design has obviously stood the test of time. Interesting fact: some of the profits from the sale of the album went to fund the production of Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

dark side of the moon sign

Wish you Were Here – See original here

Containing both the epic title track and the sublime Shine on You Crazy Diamond, the original photo for the sleeve was taken at the Warner Bros. Studio in Los Angeles.

wish you were here, sign

The Division Bell – See original here

The photo on the sleeve was created by erecting two giant metal heads in a field in Ely, if you look closely you can even see Ely Cathedral on the horizon.

division bell sign

Bonus Update!

Due to popular demand (honest) we've added a few more...

The Wall – See original here

With famous sleeve art by Gerald Scarfe, this timeless classic is regularly to be found on 'Greatest Ever' album lists. I also remember frequenting a pub in my younger years where, if you had enough pound coins, you could put the whole album on the juke box

the wall

Animals – See original here

Pink Floyd's tenth studio album is a concept album exploring the social-political conditions of 1970's era Britain. Interesting fact: it was recorded in a converted 3 story block of church halls.


The Endless River – See original here

The final studio album, created from unreleased material from the Division Bell sessions it contains mainly instrumental and ambient music.

endless river
Photograph of Martin Gilmour

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