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How to Choose the Right Locker for Your Business

Lockers are an important part of any business environment, offering secure storage solutions for employees, customers, and visitors alike. Whether you're outfitting a changing room or a personal storage area, or need lockers for specialised purposes like wet environments or charging stations, choosing the right type of locker is key. In this blog post, we explore the various types of lockers available for businesses and offer some top tips on what to look for in a locker based on what you do and where you do it.

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Creating a safe and tidy workplace

Lockers aren't just for storage; they're the key to keeping things orderly and safe in any busy workplace. Employees need a spot to stash their stuff and focus on the job. That's where lockers come in handy. They give peace of mind, keeping wallets, phones, and personal items safe and sound. And, in customer-focused places like retail or hospitality, having lockers for guests is a game-changer; it makes their experience smoother and shows you care about their comfort. Plus, tidy spaces mean less chaos, more productivity, and everyone feeling on top of their game. With lockers in place, you'll not only see a boost in efficiency but also in employee morale, creating a win-win situation for all involved.

Changing room lockers

When it comes to changing room lockers, the options are endless. There are loads of choices with different sizes, materials, and styles to match everyone's tastes and needs. Let's take a closer look at the wide range of changing room lockers available and explore the features and benefits of each.

  • Standard metal lockers with 1-6 doors: Standard metal lockers are versatile and widely used in settings such as schools, sports clubs, gyms, and workplaces. When selecting the number of doors, consider factors like available floor space, the number of users and the storage requirements. For example, a 6-door locker will not be suitable for storing bulky items like golf clubs.
  • Z lockers: Z-door lockers offer a unique design with vertical hanging space for clothes, making them ideal for tight changing room spaces. They provide good use of space and are handy for stashing personal stuff while keeping things organised and tidy.
  • Sloping top metal lockers: Sloping top metal lockers are designed to prevent the build-up of dust and discourage users from placing personal items on top of the lockers. They're particularly useful in environments where cleanliness is important, such as gyms and healthcare facilities.
  • Wood/laminate lockers: For businesses looking to boost the look and feel of their changing rooms, wood-effect lockers or laminate lockers offer a stylish alternative to traditional metal lockers. The executive lockers are well-suited for luxurious settings like health spas, golf clubs, and hotel gyms.
  • 2-door 2-compartment (uniform and crew lockers): These lockers are ideal for workplaces where employees need to keep their workwear separate from the clothing they wear outside of work. Individuals can change outfits without taking everything out of the locker, which helps keep things organised and saves time.
  • Mesh lockers and perforated door lockers: Mesh lockers are perfect for environments where you need airflow and easy visibility. Perforated door lockers allow airflow, making them suitable for storing wet clothes in places like fire stations, mines, and construction sites.
  • Wet area lockers/plastic lockers: Designed to withstand moisture, wet area lockers are perfect for environments like swimming pools, saunas, and food production areas. Their sturdy construction provides long-lasting performance in humid conditions.
  • Golf bag lockers: Specifically designed to hold golf bags and related accessories, golf lockers are a must-have for golf clubs and sports facilities catering to golf enthusiasts.

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Personal storage lockers

Personal storage lockers come in a wide array of options, catering to different needs and spaces. From standard metal lockers to innovative device charging lockers, there's something for everyone. Let's dive into the array of personal storage lockers and uncover what makes each one special.

  • Standard metal lockers with 1-6 doors: Similar to changing room lockers, standard metal lockers are also suitable for personal storage in schools, universities, and workplaces. It's important to think about floor space and storage needs when choosing the number of doors.
  • Half/three-quarter height metal lockers: Great for younger users and cramped spaces, these lockers for school children provide compact storage solutions.
  • Perspex door lockers: A perspex door locker allows you to see what's stored inside the locker, a smart choice for places where it's important to keep an eye on what's inside, like stores, schools, and hospitals.
  • Cube lockers: Cube lockers are perfect for storing small personal items like keys, wallets, and mobile phones. They're particularly useful in settings where space is limited, such as prisons, schools, and clean rooms.
  • Charging lockers: These lockers with charging ports, are ideal for securely storing and charging battery-powered devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones in many settings, including offices, schools, and construction sites.
  • Plastic lockers: Durable and weather-resistant, plastic lockers are ideal for outdoor settings in sheltered areas or places with moisture. They offer practical storage solutions for schools, workplaces, and universities.

Unlocking the perfect locker solution

Choosing the right locker for your business involves carefully considering factors like how you'll use it, where it'll be, and what you need it to do. By selecting the right type of locker, you'll make things run smoother, keep things clean and ensure personal belongings are safe. Whether you're setting up a changing room, storing personal items, or needing something special, there are many lockers to fit your needs and improve your business.

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