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How to Make the Most of Your Warehouse: Industrial Partitioning

Within warehouses, there is often the need to create space or separate specific areas. For example, you may need a dedicated area within the warehouse to handle certain types of products, or you may need to partition off workspaces, labs or cleanrooms.

Industrial warehouse partitioning is the best way to create and maximise space in these situations. Partitioning can be an inexpensive way of installing walls that aren't of a permanent nature, therefore making the most of your warehouse space.

Heavy-duty steel industrial warehouse partitioning

What is industrial warehouse partitioning?

Industrial warehouse partitioning involves the installation of temporary, moveable, cost-effective walls to create separate areas within a warehouse. Types of partition include single skin steel, double skin steel, mesh or heavy duty steel, separate suspended ceilings and some with a mezzanine floor above. Each provides differing levels of sound reduction, temperature control, security and fire ratings.

Steel and glass partitioning around mezzanine floor

They can be used for different purposes including:

  • Office space, common rooms, kitchens and rest room areas for staff
  • Security cages for the storage of valuable or dangerous goods or to protect servers and sensitive equipment
  • Mesh partitions to protect workers
  • Quality Control areas
  • Dedicated spaces for the handling of pharmaceutical, industrial or biotechnology products

Mesh partitioning around machinery

They provide a simple solution to partition a large open warehouse, factory, workshop or even retail space effectively and efficiently.

Single skin steel partitioning factory enclosure

Benefits of warehouse partitioning

Warehouse partitioning can be put to good use in a number of ways, with the added advantage that they are not a permanent fixture. Therefore, should your needs change, such as expanding office space or to securely store specialist equipment, it is easy to move and re-install the partitions.

There is an array of benefits to installing warehouse partitioning

  • Quick and easy to install - warehouse partitioning is quick and easy to install because it usually comes in sections that slot together. Building a partition wall can take a matter of days rather than weeks or months.
  • Easy to relocate – because of the ease of installation, taking down the partition wall, relocating and rebuilding elsewhere in the warehouse is an easy, simple process. This flexibility is one of the main reasons why industrial warehouse partitioning is becoming a popular solution in not only creating dedicated areas and office space within a warehouse but also its adaptability as requirements change and grow. Again, relocating a partition wall would take just days rather than being left with a permanent wall that either cannot be relocated or it would take weeks or months to do.
  • Occupies less floor space than traditional walls - traditional permanent walls made from a single layer of brick are around 150mm thick once the plaster is applied to both sides. However, non-permanent partition walls can be as much as half the thickness (it can be a bit thicker if additional soundproofing material is added). This means that industrial warehouse partitioning will take up less floor space, thereby making use of the entire floor space of your warehouse.
  • Easy to create areas for specialist use - if there is a need to create a dedicated area to handle specialised goods, such as food products, flame resistance materials (BS5438-1976), anti-fungal, anti-static and thermal materials, industrial partitioning is the ideal solution.
  • Maximises existing space - being able to create offices, dedicated specialist handling areas, secure storage rooms and other areas within one large warehouse negates the necessity to move to either additional or larger office space.
  • Can add soundproofing to reduce noise - most partition walls are adaptable enough to be able to add a soundproofing layer, which is ideal if you are creating office space for staff. In these circumstances, it is often the case that the soundproofing needs to significantly reduce or mute noise levels from the warehouse activity.
  • Provides privacy and separate work areas - a lot of distribution companies combine office space within their warehouses through the use of industrial partitioning. This includes creating separate office rooms for managers and directors and, in some cases, meeting rooms where privacy is a priority.
  • Can add glazed windows to allow light - natural light is always important in any room, particularly office space, as it boosts productivity. Many of today's industrial partition walls can be designed to add glazed windows that will allow plenty of natural light to flood into the room.
  • Light enough to be installed in mezzanine floor areas - some warehouse and distribution facilities have mezzanine floors. But building traditional walls on these floors is usually not possible, mainly due to the weight of the wall. However, industrial partitioning is much lighter and is therefore much more suitable for installing a temporary partition wall as and when needed.
  • Cost-effective - installing industrial warehouse partitioning is a far more cost-effective and efficient way of creating dedicated areas and offices within a warehouse, workshop, factory and even large retail premises. Not only is it cheaper to install than a traditionally-built wall, but it is also a far more cost-efficient way of relocating and expanding rooms as and when needed.

Self-contained cleanroom partition

Fully modular industrial partitioning systems give businesses the flexibility to create a variety of different areas within warehouses, factories, workshops and retail premises with ease. For a quick and straightforward option that can be installed with little fuss and few tools, ESE Direct's steel factory partitioning system is ideal. If you're not sure how much, or which type of partitioning you need, contact us for more details.

ESE Direct is a leading supplier of products for business, schools, colleges and universities, workshops and warehouses. With a wide and diverse range of products, more than 40 years of knowledge and experience in the industry, a bespoke design and installation service and exceptional customer service, you can trust ESE Direct.

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