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How to Make the Most of Your Warehouse: Mobile Shelving

Are you looking for a flexible way to store items in your warehouse? Investing in a mobile shelving system can help you to organise items effectively, optimising your warehouse space. Integrating a mobile shelving unit can provide a flexible alternative to traditional storage racks.

Mobile shelving has a whole host of benefits for warehouse employers and employees alike. Below we touch upon how to make the most of your warehouse space.

Mobile Euro Shelving in a warehouse

1. Mobile shelving creates an organised, bespoke look

Mobile shelving is an adaptable way to store items from paperwork to larger equipment. This makes it an excellent choice for heavier warehouse items that require more structured but safer storage.

It also gives you back your floor space when multiple units are placed close together, which creates huge benefits for bigger warehouses. Knowing exactly where items are stored can boost production within the workforce and creates an overall safer, tidier working environment.

Many people feel that their warehouse is unable to provide them with the space they need; however, mobile shelving can reduce the space taken for storage by up to 50% leaving you with the space you always wish you had!

2. It is a cost-effective solution to storage issues

Creating more storage space within a warehouse can often seem like a costly idea. However, mobile shelving is an affordable option and can help you to maximise existing space without breaking the bank or building additional space.

Investing in shelving that is built to last means it will very rarely need to be replaced. This helps to reduce costs spent on repairing or replacing any shelves. Mobile shelving is sturdy, safe, and built to your needs, so it can be amended to hold larger warehouse items if needed. And for smaller items you can use in conjunction with small parts storage and picking bins.

Purchasing mobile shelving that is bespoke to your warehouse means you can essentially gain twice as much storage. In the long term, this is beneficial to your warehouse and can help your business grow to new heights.

3. Easy to access and safe for all

Mobile shelving can be easily accessed by all warehouse employees. Not only does this create a safer working environment but provides a more efficient workflow. Mobile shelving is designed to be safe and take pressure off staff.

Mobile shelving is considered a safer option than traditional storage choices because it is compact. This means that the distance required to transfer items is reduced, potentially resulting in fewer accidents.

The risk of falling items (which is one of the biggest warehouse-related hazards) is also reduced with mobile shelving. This means items are far less likely and, quite frankly, unable to fall off shelves as they would with a typical open-sided rack, especially if shelving units are fitted with doors.

Mobile shelving archive record storage

4. Easy to customise and use

Mobile shelving is designed with ease in mind and can be amended to accommodate growth in your warehouse if your business undergoes changes. It is a customisable choice that can store a variety of items.

Mobile shelving is built to suit the needs of every client, so if you require more heavy-duty rails and guides to keep items as secure as possible, this can be arranged before your shelving is delivered.

Items such as the mobile heavy-duty bar storage rack, sold here at ESE Direct, come complete with three tiers and can be folded down for convenient storage - a portable storage choice to complement fixed mobile shelving installations.

5. The perfect way to reduce your storage footprint

If you're looking to reduce your storage footprint, mobile shelving is the answer. By investing in mobile shelving, you can look at reducing your mobile footprint by around 50%, leaving you to make full use of your warehouse capacity.

Not only is mobile shelving a more attractive solution to pesky storage issues, but it can help you use your newfound space for stuff that really matters. If you've been itching for extra space in your warehouse to carry out important tasks, mobile shelving could be the solution for you.

In short, mobile shelving can help you to store a lot more in your warehouse and reduce your warehouse footprint allowing your business to operate as smoothly as possible.

6. Mobile shelving offers a new level of security

Another great benefit to using mobile shelving is that it can add a further level of security to your warehouse. Being able to compactly store units close together and lock doors to units can reduce theft and damage.

With mobile shelving, it couldn't be easier to close down your warehouse at night without worrying about potential break-in risks to your valuable goods.

Theft in the warehouse can impact production lines, the amount of equipment available, and overall stock levels. Investing in secure storage facilities can reduce the risk of this happening. This higher level of security provides employees with added safety and helps protect your business from theft of important equipment.

Mobile shelving used for office supplies

Get in touch with ESE Direct projects team

Mobile shelving could be the next step in helping your business thrive. It provides a bespoke storage option for big spaces and can help businesses where, over time, storage has become more of a quick fix than a carefully planned space.

At ESE Direct, our team have over 40 years of experience in the industry and know a thing or two about utilising space to its potential. We specialise in supplying equipment and storage solutions to warehouses and can help you to find exactly what you need for the best possible price.

If you're looking for a new way to store equipment in your warehouse but are unsure where to begin, call our projects team today on 0808 274 9657. We can offer our top tips and technical knowledge to help you feel confident in your decision.

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