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Litter Bins for Schools

Bins! A common everyday sight, especially at schools, but which bin is best suited to your grounds?

We take a look at our most popular bins to help you decide.

Victorian Hooded Litter Bin

Victorian hooded waste bin

The Victorian litter bin is a traditional and stylish looking bin but it is made from UV stabilised polyethylene meaning that this bin will service you for a long time without succumbing to any of the harsh weather conditions.

Osprey Litter Bin

Osprey Waste Bin

The Osprey litter bin is probably the most recognisable out of all our bins with its distinctive bright green colour; you will see these dotted about parks and cities across the country. The bin itself comes with a metal liner and the option of an open top or lockable lid design. The bin, like the Nickleby, can be wall mounted or attached to a post giving you versatility and freedom when choosing where to place your bin. It also comes in an array of colours to choose from allowing you to match to your schools colours.

Falcon Litter Bin

Falcon litter bin

The Falcon bin is a free standing open topped bin which can be bolted down or ballasted. It’s a strong and durable bin and its bright colour is designed to attract people’s attention and encourage use. It comes in multiple colours including red, yellow, green, blue, dark green, burgundy, beige and black.

Copperfield Litter Bin

Copperfield litter bin

The Copperfield much like the Nickleby is a classic and stylish Victoriana design featuring a hood. Like other bins it is made from UV stabilised polyethylene making the bin durable for outside use against all weather conditions. The bin can be bolted down or ballasted and comes supplied with the hood and a metal liner.

Merlin Litter Bin

Merlin rubbish bin

The Merlin litter bin is another one of those everyday sights; the freestanding hooded bin includes a metal liner with a unique bayonet and locking fixture for added security. It’s designed to be topple free and you can attach to a ballast for added sturdiness, it’s easy to empty and is an incredibly durable bin. It’s available in beige, black, yellow, red, green, blue, dark green, brown and red.

Galvanised Steel, Traditional Waste Bin

Traditional Galvanised Steel Bin

The classic general purpose steel waste bin, I fondly remember these dotted around my art classes at high school. These bins are weather resistant making them ideal for outdoor use and feature recessed handles making them easy to carry and empty. The bins are designed to fit into tight or enclosed areas keeping the waste out of the pathway of the public

All of the above bins are made from high quality materials in the UK. If you have any questions regarding these bins please do not hesitate to call our award winning and friendly customer service team on 0808 163 3704 and they will be happy to help.

Photograph of Laura Holland

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