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Our Top 5 Wheelie Good Bins

There's growing pressure on businesses to recycle their rubbish, waste paper, bottles, and plastic. What's more, medical facilities are required to segregate, and keep safe, clinical waste. So, the need for a wider variety of different bins is 'wheelie' growing.

One of the easiest ways to separate your waste is using wheelie bins. There are so many different types of wheelie bins these days, one for just about every use. We're so used to seeing our household wheelie bins in green, brown or black that you may not have spotted some of the other different colours, sizes and styles available. We know there's more to life than wheelie bins, but they're actually an important practical part of running a business. So, here are our top five wheelie bins and how they can help.

wheelie bins

Types of wheelie bins

Many of todays wheelie bins are made from recyclable plastic; even the wheels can be refurbished and reused. They are specially treated so that they are resistant to UV light, thereby retaining their colour, particularly the lids. They're also resistant to heat, cold and chemicals. After all, they'll spend their life outside, and we all know how brutal the weather in Britain can be sometimes.

The wheels are highly durable and robust, attached via a galvanised steel axle, and certified and compliant with the EU's Noise Protection Directive. The lids are hinged, with either handles on the lid or a lip at the front to lift the lid. There are a variety of sizes of tall wheelie bins that can contain from 50 litres, up to 1100 litres of rubbish, some are also lockable.

As well as strong plastic wheelie bins, there are also galvanised wheelie bins ideal for more industrial-type applications, restaurants, commercial kitchens, factories, warehouses and schools in particular.

The most robust of bins are made from heavy-duty galvanised steel with hinged lids that are made from moulded plastic. They all include push/pull handles, and the larger bins have braked wheels to help prevent them rolling away. They have been welded on the inside and outside to ensure an extra tight seal. There are even watertight models that have been impact tested to the EN840 standard.

Within our range of wheelie bins, we also supply street-cleaning barrow kits which come with either one or two wheelie bins mounted onto a trolley. The plastic wheelie bins are strong and sturdy, easy to load and unload onto the trolley, come with a brush and shovel, and can contain up to 120 litres of rubbish. The trolley has two rubber tyre swivel castors, making it easy to push, pull and manoeuvre.

wheelie bins

Our top 5 wheelie bins

Here are our top 5 best-selling wheelie bins

1. Wheelie bins in 5 colours

Our most popular wheelie bins are our range of 80L, 120L and 140L bins available in five colours - grey, blue, red, yellow and green. These high-quality wheelie bins are fully compliant with noise reduction and manufactured in accordance with EU specifications, including EN840, RAL and DIN30760. They have hinged lids with moulded handles, robust wheels and can be completely recycled when no longer required.

2. Wheelie bins with coloured lid and recycling label

These large bins with coloured lids and recycling labels are highly durable, made to last and treated to resist chemicals, heat, cold and UV light. Robust bins that are manufactured with a solid galvanised steel wheel axle and solid plastic wheels. The body of the bin is dark grey, but there is a choice of three different lid colours, blue, green and red, with six different coloured labels to choose from, making segregating your waste easy and effective. The labels are as follows:

  • Blue for paper waste
  • Grey for aluminium cans
  • Black for general waste
  • Teal for paper waste or mixed glass
  • Green for mixed recycling waste
  • Red for plastic waste

3. Wheelie bin with slot or aperture in the lid

Our extremely popular wheelie bins with a slot in the lid are ideal for easy paper waste recycling for confidential waste paper. Available in four colours, blue, green, red and grey, and from 120 to 360 litres capacity they also conform to EU standards, are highly durable, and have a locking lid to ensure all contents remain confidential. We also provide wheelie bins with a bottle aperture in the lid. Hard-wearing and with two wheels, as well as being available from 120 to 360 litres capacity, they also come in four colours and have a locking lid.

4. Emergency spill kit with wheelie bin

Another of our bestsellers is the 240 litre emergency spill kit. This includes absorbent socks and pads, disposal bags with ties, instruction cards, and a yellow bin with a capacity of 240 litres. This makes it ideal for workshops, garages and oil stores. We have several types of kit available depending on the specific use:

  • Spill kit for water, oils, coolants and cleaners (look for order code GSK240)
  • Spill kit for oil, fuel, and solvents, not water (look for order code OSK240)
  • Spill kit for acids, caustics and other chemicals (look for code CSK240)

240L oil and fuel spill kit with yellow wheelie bin

5. Wheelie bin storage box

The final in our top five is not actually a wheelie bin but a wheelie bin storage box! Available in black with a grey lid or grey with a black lid. Designed to hold two 120 litre wheelie bins or 240 litre wheelie bins, these highly durable, weather-resistant and lockable storage boxes are easy to maintain and clean. With a double front door opening, a lift-up lid, and a tie tool that attaches to the wheelie bin lids, they sit on a heavy-duty floor built to stand the test of time.

wheelie bin storage box

ESE Direct provides a wide range of wheelie bins and accessories, including galvanised metal wheelie bins, recycling containers on wheels with a drop front, 4-wheeled bins with lockable lids, as well as wheelie pedal bins and mobile wheelie grit bins with handles that can hold up to 75 litres of grit, ideal for winter.

Whether you're a business, school, college or university, have a workshop or a warehouse, we are a leading supplier of industrial and commercial products you can trust. We've bin waiting for your call.

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