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Picking trolley a valuable resource for food bank

We were really pleased to hear just how much one of our picking trolleys has made life easier for workers at Hull Community Church food bank.

Tracey Netherton, Church Centre and Events Co-ordinator at Hull Community Church explained just how valuable a resource the new merchandise picking trolley is to their day-to-day activities at the food bank.

Tracey said, "We are a Community Church in the Newland area of Hull. During lockdown we have been running a food bank to try to help everyone in need in our community and we have been regularly seeing 80 to 120 people every week at our food bank. When we couldn’t use our main auditorium for church services we stored food donations at the back of the hall, but when we were finally able to invite church friends back inside we needed to find alternative storage space which, unfortunately, was two floors up! We were able to use our lift to move between floors but we only had a small tea trolley to move the crates. Not ideal, and certainly not easy, as it meant many trips up to the top floor."

Community worker Rachel Baker with the merchandise picking trolley

Above is a photo with one of their Community Workers, Rachel Baker, getting ready to finish unloading the trolley.

Tracey continued, "When our new ESE trolley arrived our staff and volunteers were absolutely thrilled! The extra shelves have really helped us to move around various products, crates, boxes and loose vegetables safely and easily. It has made setting up, and topping up, of our food bank faster, safer and much more efficient."

More information about Hull Community Church and their activities can be found on their website.


Photograph of Debs

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