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Reducing reliance on single-use plastics in industry with EVO recycled spill control

There has been a lot of coverage lately of businesses striving to reduce their reliance on single use plastics, from Waitrose phasing out plastic cups to talks of bans on drinking straws, but just because you are not in the hospitality industry, it doesn't mean there aren’t still ways to similarly cut back.

One great way to lessen your reliance on plastics is to switch from polypropylene absorbent pads to a recycled, natural fibre alternative. We are happy to introduce you to a UK made recycled absorbent range made by Fentex, using a manufacturing process that is unique to them and the only one of its kind in Europe.

Traditional absorbent pads, made from polypropylene (plastic), are a single-use product that would take around 100 years to breakdown in landfill, but with the EVO sorbent pads, there is a cotton-based alternative.

Recycled Spill Control

What are EVO sorbent pads made of?

These eco-friendly spill products are created from non-woven waste cotton material that would otherwise go to landfill, this material is then put through a unique seven step process to create a finished product that is 85% recycled fibres.

Do they look a bit funny?

Yes, basically. Compared to what the industry is used to, which is bright white or yellow pads with perfect indentations, these pads are certainly easy to tell apart. This is because you are comparing virgin plastic to something made from stripped down waste material, so the finish reflects the make-up of the product for a more 'rustic' feel. However, the environmental benefits and improvement in performance will outweigh the aesthetics, much like supermarkets are now championing misshapen fruit and veg, so people will come to accept and even love the finish of these EVO pads.

Did you say 'Improvement in performance'?

Indeed, tests have shown that the EVO pad absorbs up to 30% more oil, weight for weight, than the polypropylene equivalent. This means it is also saving you money on every spill, so even with the environmental benefits, you are not having to compromise on effectiveness.

But I've used these before, and they didn't work.

There is a similar material that resembles these pads, which is used for insulation and also in the furniture removal industry. You may have found that these materials are not very good at absorbing spills, but the EVO pad is made differently. Thanks to the seven step processes, the fibres of the waste material are unpicked and then burst, greatly increasing the surface area, this leads to the super absorbent qualities we mentioned before.

EVO sorbent socks and a roll of pads

How much more eco-friendly is it?

As well as saving waste materials from landfill, the carbon footprint of these UK manufactured pads is just 169.3g of carbon per pad. Compare this to 431g per pad for the plastic ones which are normally manufactured in the Far East and when this is mixed with the fact that the ECO pad is 30% more absorbent, you can see the difference is significant, especially for heavy users.

UK made?

Yes, these pads are made in Cambridgeshire.

Where can I buy some?

We stock the full range of recycled spill control products right here at ESE Direct. We offer free UK mainland delivery on orders over £45 and are on the end of the phone if you need advice on the right spill control for your business.

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