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Roll container makes mobile wood store

When your wood store is full, what do you do? get yourself a roll container of course!

Well, that's what our customer Sean did. When struggling for storage for his impressive collection of wood, our customer, Sean decided to purchase a couple of our demountable roll containers. One of the great things about using these containers as a storage vessel is that you're not restricted to keeping it in one location. Once full of wood, the container will become really rather heavy. Those sort of weights placed in a static storage container would prove rather difficult to move without the use of a trolley, such as a pallet truck.

Wood stored on roll container

But, with the roll container and its useful retaining straps, Sean can safely move his mobile wood store to his heart's content, even deliver the wood to his doorstep if he so desires. A bit like a Deliveroo for your fireplace.

Photograph of Debs

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