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Safety with Freight Containers

When working in the logistics industry you are bound to come across freight containers in whichever role you have, this is why it's important to know best practice and keep on top of health and safety.

Safety with Freight Containers

With proper training and planning the risks and hazards can be greatly reduced, so we are taking a brief look at the main issues the logistics industry faces on a daily basis with health and safety.

Containers on the road

Carrying containers can causes road safety hazards for the drivers because the goods and loads they are carrying could be overweight, this is because they have no way of knowing that the weight specified on the load is right, shippers will have a great responsibility in making sure this is correct.

As well as heavy items, the loads can also shift whilst in transit, this is a problem as if the vehicle becomes unbalanced it can cause it to roll over causing a road traffic accident.

Company responsibilities regarding loading

When employing staff to load goods and loads off and on lorries and trucks, you must remember what responsibilities you have for your staffs health and safety.

Health and safety, construction and road traffic act legislation applies to both the employees and other road users, which puts greater emphasis on loads being restrained properly on the vehicle.

Things to bear in mind are:

  • Every employee and staff member has undergone adequate training
  • Regular checks to make sure that loads are being correctly restrained in compliance with any procedures necessary
  • Making sure that restraining equipment being used is not worn, or torn and fit for purpose

Badly loaded containers

Badly loaded containers is more common than you may think, this is because restraining and loading cargo properly not only requires a lot of equipment but also takes up time which can be costly to the driver and the haulage company.

However weighed against the potential hazards which could be fatal, the following should be taken into consideration:

  • Badly stored loads can cause load shift in vehicles which will handle differently and may results in traffic accidents
  • If there is a fatality caused by the above, it will most likely lead to a prosecution
  • Loads shifting may cause the freight to fall on employees when unloading at the other end

Recommended Equipment:

You can find out more information on freight container safety by visiting the website

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