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Six Disasters that could have been prevented with Rubber Matting

What disasters could be prevented with rubber matting? No, we’re not talking about the sinking of the Titanic or the extinction of the dinosaurs – we’re discussing some real life business situations that could be avoided with the careful and appropriate introduction of some specially toughened rubber matting.

Of course, many people out there might claim that they would never actually have any rubber matting on them in some of the situations we describe. If this is the case then wouldn’t it be a good idea to make sure that your company always has a stack of this wonderful material in some back room, somewhere, to make sure you’re never caught in a woeful scrape without it?

Slim Gym

Work in a gym with a particularly aggressive boss? Then it’s possible that a little rubber matting in the right places could save you an ear bashing. Imagine you’ve got some of the power-lifting boys and girls doing their thing with the big weights in the workout room. Even though they’re taking as much care as possible with the dumb and barbells, occasionally out of sheer stress they’ll drop the weights and chip the floor, turning your boss into an incandescent ball of rage. Not if you use rubber matting however to coat the workout room floor, as the weights will just bounce off this material and save your ears a real drubbing.

Lightning Strikes

They say that lightning never strikes the same place twice. However in an ideal world you wouldn’t even want to get hit by a strong bolt of electricity from the sky even once. These super charged sparks of voltage have the power to kill most people on contact – however rubber matting can be used to save the day. Let’s say you’re taking an afternoon off work on the golf course and you’re caught out in a sudden and tremendous storm. There are very few places to hide on the large fairways and open greens, but fear not – if you’ve planned in advance and stashed some rubber matting in your golf bag, then you can simply stand on this material to form a special shockproof barrier. There’s no better way to stop you from getting the fright of your life.

Feeling a Little Horse?

As a stable owner one of your top priorities will no doubt be helping your horses live a healthy life. However, if your trusty steeds are not getting the right amount of sleep, no quantity of sugar lumps and rubs on the nose will get them cantering round the fields with a glint in their eyes. This can be a real disaster if you’ve got a bunch of owners who’re coming in to ride their beloved animals. This situation, believe it or not, could have been avoided if you’d only have used some rubber matting in the stable to create an insulated sleeping area for your animals, which would have allowed them to get good nights sleep.

Playground Pains

It can be a tough job working at a day-care centre for children – particularly if you have a playground attached to your premises. If you do then you’ll know these little bundles of joy and energy are always looking for some outside fun, and there’s nothing they love more than climbing all over pieces of playground equipment, pushing the limits of their young muscles and having fun from great heights. In fact it’s all smiles and games until the unthinkable happens – they fall over, come off a slide at the wrong angle or slip on swing and then you’re dealing with a red faced bag of tears. If only you’d been following the children around with a roll of rubber matting, you could have protected them against the scrapes and grazes associated with the rough and tumble of playground life.

Don’t Slip Up

Does anyone have an office bathroom with carpet on the floor these days? Did they ever? Of course not – with the amount of water that sloshes around company washrooms from sinks and hand-washing, any kind of fibre would get damp and rotten pretty quickly. Hence most people have some kind of waterproof flooring in their facilities, whether it be lino or tiles, the fact that these materials repel liquid also makes them incredibly slippery. In fact at times walking through areas around the sinks can be a real gamble at times as you can soon lose your bearings and topple over – but this is where rubber matting can help. By using a piece of rubber with a specially roughed up side you can stop these dangerous moments before they even happen.

Mighty Mouse

What about those times when you’re in the office and you’re trying to browse the web and you simply can’t find a good surface for your mouse? Maybe you have to use a shiny office desk or a rough workbench, and your laser driven USB mouse is going haywire. If you are desperately trying to book a ticket online, find out a taxi cab number or grab a place at an important conference before all the seats run out, this can be a total disaster. Can rubber matting help out again? You bet your life it can – simply slide a piece of this useful material under your mouse and you’ll be able to surf the web with ease.

A Final Note

Remember that whilst rubber matting can help save you from a number of disasters, it isn’t a cure all for every situation or emergency. There may be times when you have to call for help as rubber matting will not be able to sort out your situation. This is an incredibly versatile material – not a panacea for all ills. Try to remember that there are other safety substances out there, but for some situations, rubber matting is best.

Photograph of Laura Holland

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