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St John Ambulance Defibrillator Training

We're always topping up our product knowledge, and this week we were fortunate to receive training on how and when to use a defibrillator; a truly life-saving piece of equipment.

St John Ambulance defibrillator training provided by Guy Peace

Guy Peace, first aid trainer and font of all defibrillator knowledge took us through the fundamental steps of emergency first aid. A useful acronym to help remind you of the 5 steps in determining whether to administer life-saving CPR and or give a shock is DR ABC.

  • D - Danger
  • R - Response
  • A - Airway
  • B - Breathing
  • C - Circulation

He also took us through the features and benefits of different defibrillators, how to follow instructions, fit the pads and deploy a shock if necessary.

Guy Peace from St John Ambulance

How to find your nearest public defibrillator

Did you know that there are defibrillators available for public use? To find your nearest defibrillator all you need to do is visit the Defib Finder website and enter your location.

Do you own a defibrillator and would you make it available for use by other in an emergency situation? If so, you can register your defibrillator at The Circuit, a project funded by the British Heart Foundation in partnership with St John Ambulance, the Resuscitation Council and the Association of Ambulance Chief Execs.

We're proud to work with St John Ambulance supplying businesses across the UK with emergency first aid equipment.

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