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Storage Solution for Slicsheet Metal Fabrications

Metal fabrication company, Slicsheet of Norwich contacted us looking for a solution to expand their storage capacity to assist with expansion.

Whenever feasible with our projects, we visit the site to allow us to get the best possible picture of what is required. This allows us to offer best solutions available. The biggest challenge for Slicsheet was their need to store a larger volume of palletised sheet materials in safe and organised way, but without taking up too much floor space.

Cantilever racking installation at Slicsheet Metal Fabrications

Our recommendation comprised of two products, heavy-duty shelving along with a very heavy-duty cantilever racking system. Site measurements were taken and with help from the factory, a bespoke design with accompanying drawings and a quotation was submitted and accepted.

Solution: cantilever racking combined with heavy-duty shelving

Prior to installation we agreed the process to ensure it would happen as smoothly as possible. We then issued instructions to the factory to manufacture the new shelving and racking. Delivery was achieved with minimal disruption to the customer's business and throughout the build phase our Project Manager visited site to check progress. Once the installation was complete load signs were fitted to the new units and the project was signed off to the customer's satisfaction.

Slicsheet supply and manufacture bespoke, precision sheet metal products and components.

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