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The Appeal of the Banana Cone Safety Sign

We’ve all sniggered at cartoon characters as they go flying on a strategically placed banana skin, and we love the irony of these quirky safety signs.

Banana Cone Safety Sign - Slippery when wet

Available in two sizes, standing at 60cm or 90cm tall, these stackable bananas are versatile as well as fun. Warning walkers of slippery surfaces, they are perfect for use in a wide variety of situations, at home, around swimming pools, in schools, pedestrian precincts and practically perfect for zoos or monkey sanctuaries!

Bananas (or plantains as they are sometimes named), were first discovered in South East Asia, primarily in India. They historically date back to 8000 BC, our banana safety cones aren’t quite that ancient, but were voted winner of the Most Innovative Cleaning Product Award in 2003. Curvy and packed full of nutrition, bananas are perfect for the pocket as a snack on the go, they even come in their very own wrapper. Just don’t leave them on the floor; they’re slippery little suckers so you’d definitely need to pop a cautionary slippery surface safety sign next to them!

A veritable vitamin in its own skin!

The unusual yellow fruit contains a cacophony of health benefits. Like its friend in the fruit bowl the pear, it contains pectin which is a super digestion aid. Bananas have been known to help conquer depression (not just because they are amusingly shaped), but they contain large amounts of tryptophan a chemical which is transformed into Serotonin, a mood-enhancing neurotransmitter in the brain. They’re high in fibre, low in fat, high in energy, potassium, iron and antioxidants and help to aid absorption of calcium which helps keep your bones strong and healthy. Our lengthy lemon-coloured lovelies are also said to help cure hangovers, we’ll raise a glass to that!

Bananas grow in groups, called hands and with up to a whopping twenty fruits on each layer can be rather magnificent. The stalk of the banana safety cone is removable with allows them to be stacked one on top of the other – we’re sure you could stack twenty of them although wouldn’t recommend it! And you would probably need a set of Mobile Safety Steps to reach the top banana!

Banana Cone Safety Signs with removable stalks making them stackable and easy to store

We heard a rumour that the banana cone is perfect for use while cleaning floors as is perhaps listening to a bit of 1980’s Bananarama!

Photograph of Debs

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