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The Best Way to Keep Your Workplace Cool

With the weather getting warmer and the summer months soon upon us, attention is turning to ways to keep the workplace cool in hotter temperatures.

As well as keeping curtains and blinds closed, turning off equipment that pumps out warm air and drinking plenty of water, many people turn to fans, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, air coolers and even fan heaters with a cooling function, in their effort to reduce the temperature in the workplace.

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However, with so many types, styles and sizes of devices available, how do you choose which is best for your industrial or commercial workplace? We've put together this handy guide to help you make the right choice.

Fans for industrial workplaces

Industrial fans are generally used in factories and warehouses with enormous open spaces and operating machinery. Industries like manufacturing, food processing and mining use industrial fans for airflow and cooling the temperature.

The type of industrial fan you select has a bearing on what job you want the fan to do. In most settings, the aim is to create a cooling effect, either due to warm weather or help reduce higher temperatures caused by working machinery. Industrial floor fans and industrial pedestal fans operate at a high velocity, creating a high level of airflow throughout the area.

Generally, the higher the CFM (cubic feet per minute) rating, the more powerful the airflow. Industrial fans are far more heavy-duty and robust. High-velocity floor fans are ideal for large open areas, such as workshops, school halls, and some shop floors. They are usually mounted on a wheeled platform, making them easier to move and position.

On the other hand, drum blowers are much larger with a rotating fan drum and are generally more suited to warehouses and factory floors. Many of today's drum fans are also portable, and some have double blades, increasing the CFM rate.

Most industrial floor fans are not adjustable in height or movement. However, if you opt for industrial oscillating fans on pedestals, you will be able to cover a wider area as the fan oscillates from side to side.

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Fans for commercial workplaces

Today's office fans are so much more sophisticated, attractive, effective and quieter than they used to be. If your office doesn't have air conditioning, an electric fan is a must. Even in some air-conditioned offices, employees will prefer an air cooler fan because it creates a cool breeze rather than the 'cold wind' often created by air conditioning.

However, noise is a factor in most offices - the quieter the fan, the better. Two other aspects make a difference – oscillation and fan speed. Most office fans have two or three fan speed settings; the higher the fan's speed, the greater the movement of air and, therefore, the cooler it will feel.

Portable air conditioners have become popular in recent years, which not only help with cooling a room but certain models even have the capability to remove dust and virus particles from the air. This is because fans, including cooling fans, just move the air around - moving air creates cooler air not by reducing the temperature in the room but by helping warm moisture on your skin to evaporate and making you feel cooler.

On the other hand, air conditioners draw moist air in and blow out cool air, thereby reducing the temperature in the room.

How to choose the best cooling device for your environment?

Whether it's for a warehouse, factory floor, or office, there are a number of factors to consider when it comes to choosing the best cooling device for your environment.

  • Fan speed - most industrial and commercial fans are fitted with at least two, if not three or four, fan speed settings which you can choose depending on your air cooling requirements. The fan with the highest CFM rate will give you a greater airflow around the room and is more likely to provide a better cooling effect. A high velocity drum fan will provide greater airflow and, therefore, a more substantial cooling effect.
  • Size of the fan - the size of the fan is not always the determining factor - even some of the smaller fans have a greater CRM rate than their larger counterparts. But in an office environment, the size of the fan does matter. If you have a large, open-plan office, you may want to consider an oscillating pedestal fan which can create a cooling effect across several desk areas. Alternatively, opt for an oscillating tower fan that sits on the floor and will provide a cooling area at a lower level. Choose either a wall-mounted fan or individual desk fans if space is at a premium.
  • Oscillation - most oscillating fans have two or three settings that automatically determine how often the fan swings from side to side. This gives a greater airflow coverage and affects how often the airflow is changed.
  • Adjustability - you can adjust the height on some pedestal fans, but you can't on floor or tower fans. The fan head is adjustable on most commercial and industrial fans, where you can tilt it up or down, creating airflow at a higher or lower level.
  • Level of noise - in an office environment, the fan's noise level is crucial, particularly if the fan is to be used in a call centre environment. You may find that while the fan is quiet on some models that have the oscillation feature, the side to side movement creates a noise. With industrial fans, the size and CFM capacity of the fans means that they are inherently noisier and are therefore not suitable for an office.
  • Remote control - being able to control fan settings remotely could mean not having to get up from your desk to maintain your optimum temperature, what a luxury!

If you're not sure what type, size or style of fan or heater you need for your commercial or industrial workspace, our highly experienced, knowledgeable team is on hand with valuable advice and guidance.

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