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Tidy Man..the everyday hero

Bins, bins, bins! You will be hearing a bit more about outdoor litter bins in the very near future which we hope you won't find a load of rubbish (geddit?...nevermind).

But throughout the life of the litter bin, there has been one constant…Tidy Man. It's that little guy on the side of every bin, reminding everyone to keep the streets, parks and schools tidy and putting their litter in the bin.

He was introduced as part of the Keep Britain Tidy campaign back in the 1970's although his origins are a bit hazy and could well date back to the 50's or 60's and originally developed for the Keep America Beautiful campaign, it became quickly widespread and is still one of the most recognisable symbols across the world.

Tidy man has recently had a bit of a face lift too, which rolled out in 2011.

Tidy Man Logo

But the biggest question is: what is he throwing away? Newspaper, fish and chip wrapper, McDonalds, a magazine? What is it Tidy Man?! And much like the contents of the parcel in Castaway we will probably never know.

Photograph of Laura Holland

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