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Traffic Cones

Traffic Cones

Traffic cones are a part of everyday life, although most people pass them by without as much as a glance.

The traffic cone was the idea of a street painting employee in 1940; they first made their way over to the UK in 1958 replacing the lantern paraffin burners.

Originally made of concrete it wasn't until the 60's that plastic traffic cones were coming into use having previously been made of wood.

These days there is now a huge variety of traffic cones that can be used for all sorts of different uses, including:

Highwayman Cones

Highly recognisable highwayman traffic cones are used for heavy traffic areas, used for controlling traffic flow and alerting people to lane delineation.

Also used in public areas, and construction sites to advise people of disruptions and hazards.

No Waiting Cones

These yellow and black no waiting cones are great for stopping motorists from leaving their vehicles in places which could cause danger or obstruction to other road users and pedestrians.

They are also great for public events such as concerts, festivals, shows and fairs.

Caution Safety Cones

Caution Safety cones are perfect for warning people of slippery surfaces that have just been washed or polished.

They also come with the option of adding a belt which creates a barrier so people have to go round rather than absent mindedly walking through the middle of the area.

Available: Caution Safety Cones.

Lightweight Cones

These cones are well suited for indoor use, mainly for school gyms and school sporting activities but can also be used to alert of spillages or even reserved parking.

Because they are lightweight they are easy to move and store without taking up much space.

Slotted Cones

Much like the highwayman, these slotted cones are for use with a barrier system.

Primarily used in constriction areas due to their high visibility, the cones feature slots at the bottom to allow for barriers to be placed. It is worth knowing that you can also invest in a 3 way cone adaptor which will allow barriers to sit in place at the top of the cone.

Available: Reflective barrier plank and cone system

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Photograph of Laura Holland

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