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Trench Cover Regulations

When there is maintenance, construction or road works taking place, they can leave a few holes whilst the work is ongoing, trench covers offer a cost-effective solution.

Trench Cover

Construction and maintenance work his can obviously cause a potential hazard and injury to pedestrians or vehicles that may come across it.

That is why trench covers are so useful, they are designed to be non-slip and offer a strong grip, even when wet.

Trench covers are also quick and easy to install, so you can have them down in a jiffy and are perfect for bitumen surfaces, concrete surfaces and even butyl adhesives which are designed for stone floors.

They are made from glass-reinforced plastic they usually have a non-trip edge, reducing further hazards.

It is also worth noting that because it is made of reinforced plastic it holds absolutely zero scrap value so you won’t have to worry about it being stolen.

Most trench covers are Transco and the majority of your local authorities, as well as being compliant with:

If you want a trench plate which is designed for heavier loads or vehicles, then the road plate trench cover is your best bet.

Specifically designed for heavy traffic, including HGVs and can stand adverse conditions without delaminating.

As well as this you can also fit lumi lights which offer better light and can be seen better in darker areas or at night.

At ESE Direct we supply yellow trench covers made from glass-reinforced plastic, in a range of sizes, so whatever your requirement we have you covered. (see what I did there?)

If you have any questions regarding the trench covers available or any of our site and safety products, please give our friendly sales team a ring on 0808 163 3704.

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