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UK Grit Bin Locations

It's all change with the seasons now, Winter has arrived and temperatures are dipping below zero, creating icy conditions.

So, it's time to prepare for the onslaught of freezing temperatures and slippery pavements and roads.

Prepare for the unexpectedt

Councils across the UK provide grit bins for public use. The aim of these is to provide grit salt that the public can then spread when required. These are typically placed on roads that are not gritted by gritting trucks. Council provided grit bins are intended to be used to grit public roads and footpaths and are not permitted to be used on private property.

Locations of your local council grit bins

Most local councils provide information on where their grit bins are located. However, this information is not available in a uniform format, varying between councils. Some have provided interactive maps online of where their grit bins are located whereas others have no public information available online.

Here we have collated the information each regional council has provided on their grit bin locations.


More information from district councils in England

In addition to the links above, some district and city councils also provide information online on their grit bin locations, however there are too many to list here.



Northern Ireland

Unfortunately we were unable to find any information regarding public grit bins in Northern Ireland.

Grit bins on OpenStreetMap

OpenStreetMap is a mapping system where members of the public can contribute towards its mapping data. There are some grit bin locations that have been plotted on OpenStreetMap, but this map is far from complete.

View map on OpenStreetMap.

How to get a grit bin

If you believe there should be a grit bin on your street, available for public use for gritting public roads and footpaths, then these are provided by your County Council. However, any requests or queries regarding grit bins for public use should in the first instance be directed to your Parish or District Council who should contact your County Council directly for you. If you would like a grit bin for use on private property, then take a look at the grit bins here at ESE Direct.

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