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What Do You Get In A First Aid Kit?

Having a fully stocked first aid kit is a requirement for all work places and businesses to make them compliant with Health and Safety Standards.

The number of items within your first aid kit will vary depending on the size of your workforce, however each first aid kit will have the following items to help you in an emergency.

First Aid Booklet

The first aid in emergency booklet is included in all statutory first aid kits, and offers basic advice and knowledge for emergency situations which may occur. This obviously is not a replacement for comprehensive first aid knowledge however vital for tending to circumstances outside of your control.

Protective First Aid Equipment

Face Shield

Face shields are designed to protect you while you are giving CPR. Many diseases and viruses can be passed through the exchange of blood and bodily fluids, the face shield is designed to reduce exposure to this while ensuring needed first aid can be given.

Nitrile powder-free Gloves

These disposable gloves are latex and powder free which means that they will not cause irritation if you are allergic to latex or suffer from sensitive skin which can flare up.

First Aid Bandages and Dressings

Burn Dressing

If someone has burnt themselves this burnshield dressing is ideal. Specially designed to absorb and dissipate heat which minimises the burn damage to the skin as well as offering cooling and anti-bacterial properties. The dressing is also clear so it is easy to assess the wound once at the hospital. The dressing is also non-stick so will limit any discomfort when removing.

Washproof Plasters

These washproof plasters can be used for cuts and grazes. They are low allergy and offer a stretch giving ultimate comfort whilst wearing them; each plaster is also sterile and individually wrapped.

Dressings of Various Sizes

Dressing pads can be used to protect and treat wounds, cuts, grazes as well as joints and other contoured parts of the body. Available in various sizes and shapes, safety pins can be used to keep them secure and stop from unravelling.


The eye pads included in the first aid kit are a simple sterile pad which is used to cover and protect eye wounds, fitting comfortably in the eye socket.

Conforming Bandage

The conforming bandage is used for supporting strains and comfort. It can also be used for keeping other dressings in place; these bandages are also reusable and extremely long wearing.

First Aid Blankets and Miscellaneous

Heat Retaining Foil Blanket

These foil blankets have a few great uses, from retaining body heat if you are in a survival situation, and protects you against the cold, rain and wind. It is waterproof and strong, the metallised polyester film of which it is made from is designed to reflect over 90% of the heat radiated.

Safety Pins

There is little explanation needed for these handy safety pins, these are great for securing and fixing dressings in place.


The scissors provided are designed for cutting clothing, seat belts and any other materials in an emergency situation which may hinder effective treatment to the casualty.


Every first aid kit will come with this sterile eye-wash. Used for cleansing the eyes or helping to wash out any debris that could be causing irritation.

Microporous Tape

The microporous tape is a great alternative to using the safety pins for dressings; it allows air to flow to the wound whilst being hypoallergenic and latex free. It should cause little to no irritation and when removed leaves little residue. 

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