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Winter is coming, so don't lose your head!

As the warm and genteel summer days disappear behind us and the phrase "it's a bit nippy out" becomes more common place we are facing colder temperatures and an increasingly unpredictable British winter.

winter is coming!

The British Winter is getting more unpredictable

So unpredictable in fact that over the last 115 years, 7 out of 10 of the worst winters have been in the last decade. If this continues then we can expect to see winters becoming more volatile.

The British weather conditions are usually defined by the North Atlantic Oscillation system. If the westerly winds are strong then we experience milder, wet and windy conditions (like last year), if they are weaker then we experience colder more snowy conditions.

Iceland’s volcanic eruptions could give us the worst winters in years

The Icelandic volcano eruptions have the potential to cause chaos with the UK’s weather system, emitting large volumes of sulphuric dioxide which adds to the cooling effect, if the higher atmospheric winds are blowing in our direction then the UK may have to brace itself.

Preparing for the British Winter

The best way to prepare for all eventualities is to make sure that you are stocked up on all the winter essentials such as;

Even investing in snow shovels and heaters can make all the difference in surviving a cold, long winter and coming out with a smile on your face as Spring approaches.

And remember: Failing to prepare is preparing to fail!

Photograph of Laura Holland

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