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DT95 drip tray
1 year

Key Features

  • Designed to catch spilt liquids during refilling or transportation
  • Fit almost anywhere nuisance leaks and drips occur
  • Available as individual trays or in twin packs
  • Alternative drip trays are available - flexible Flexi-trays that can be driven over are available

We also offer a range of spill kits & absorbent pads

1-3 working days Delivery info
CodeDescription External Dimensions
L x W x H (mm)
Per Tray
(Ex. VAT)
DT16Small with integrated spout 530 x 400 x 95 16
1-2 £32.00
3-5 £30.40
6+ £28.80
1-3 days
DT16/TPPack of 2 Small with integrated spout 530 x 400 x 95 16
1-2 £44.80
3-5 £42.56
6+ £40.32
1-3 days
DT45Medium 600 x 600 x 70 28
1-2 £43.40
3-5 £41.23
6+ £39.06
1-3 days
DT45/TPPack of 2 Medium 600 x 600 x 70 28
1-2 £60.70
3-5 £57.66
6+ £54.63
1-3 days
DT100Medium 640 x 490 x 129 28
1-2 £16.90
3-5 £16.05
6+ £15.21
1-3 days
DT100/TPPack of 2 Medium Trays640 x 490 x 12928
1-2 £22.00
3-5 £20.90
6+ £19.80
1-3 days
E396007Large Shallow 1200 x 550 x 50 28
1-2 £22.90
3-5 £21.75
6+ £20.61
1-3 days
E416874Pack of 2 Large Shallow 1200 x 550 x 50 28
1-2 £38.50
3-5 £36.57
6+ £34.65
Back in stock est. 08/12/2021
Chat with us about - E416874
1-3 days
DT95Large 1000 x 550 x 150 40
1-2 £42.50
3-5 £40.37
6+ £38.25
1-3 days
DT95/TPPack of 2 Large Trays1000 x 550 x 15040
1-2 £73.20
3-5 £69.54
6+ £65.88
1-3 days
DT172Large 800 x 800 x 120 60
1-2 £44.00
3-5 £41.80
6+ £39.60
1-3 days
E416876Pack of 2 Large 800 x 800 x 120 60
1-2 £76.10
3-5 £72.29
6+ £68.49
1-3 days
DT112Giant 1010 x 1000 x 120 100
1-2 £76.10
3-5 £72.29
6+ £68.49
1-3 days
DT112/TPPack of 2 Giant Trays1010 x 1000 x 120100
1-2 £129.10
3-5 £122.64
6+ £116.19
1-3 days
DT127King 1200 x 1200 x 120 120
1-2 £42.90
3-5 £40.75
6+ £38.61
1-3 days
DT127/TPPack of 2 King Trays1200 x 1200 x 120120
1-2 £0.00
3-5 £0.00
6+ £0.00
1-3 days
1-3 working days Delivery info

Product description

Plastic Drip Trays are incredibly handy items to have in stock for emergencies, and can be used by many different businesses, companies and organisations in a variety of situations.

Leaking pipes in the workplace are a popular location for plastic drip trays, as the tray helps to contain liquid spillage and does not allow it to spill onto the floor, thereby avoiding a slipping hazard and potentially preventing damage to the floor covering.

The motoring industry also has a need for drip trays, and they are commonly used in garages, workshops and vehicle inspection or servicing areas. The trays are most frequently used when the oil, water or brake fluids in a car are being changed, but they can also be utilised as drip pans when a car engine is being worked on from above, or even placed under older vehicles to prevent liquids seeping out while on display (especially in automobile museums and the like).

Other businesses where drip trays can be found include companies with large office space (where a roof leak can easily occur) and other places where the risk of leaks or drips is high. And if plastic isn't your thing, you might prefer the zinc plated metal drip trays.

Customer Experience Feedback

5 star5 star5 star5 star5 starEfficient and fast delivery
Yes. Good service. Have used several times

Product Reviews

5 star
4 star
3 star
2 star
1 star
16-Jul-2021 - Carol Hall -

DT95 - Good Service, quick delivery

13-Jul-2021 - Charles Ford -

DT100/TP - Good quality and are what I need

26-Jun-2021 - Philip Greenwood -

DT172 - reasonable price nice quality

15-Jun-2021 - Andrew Payne -

DT127/TP - See above. @aaaaaaAaaaaaA

15-May-2021 - James Foster -

E416876 - Great product and service

15-May-2021 - James Foster -

DT127/TP - Great service and products

11-May-2021 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

DT45 - much better quality than expected, robust and perfectly formed

27-Apr-2021 - Terry Mellor -

DT16/TP - Did the job perfectly. Fast delivery.

24-Apr-2021 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

DT45/TP - Exactly fit for its purpose

18-Jan-2021 - Roger Cousins -

DT45 - Excellent Service. Very efficient. Highly Recommended

01-Dec-2020 - Judith Rees -

DT16 - just the job - fitting the task in hand

20-Oct-2020 - John Gratrix -

DT172 - Swift and reliable and kept informed all the way to arrival

09-Oct-2020 - Ewen Clunie -

DT112/TP - good item when it turns up not broken

06-Oct-2020 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

DT95 - Very good item very happy

23-Sep-2020 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

DT112 - This is a quality product, very well made at a great price. We are actually using these for our falconry business to allow large eagles to have a bath of fresh water. As a special eagle bath are £150+. So massive saving and much more suitable. If it was round would be even better still.

23-Sep-2020 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

DT100 - Perfect to collect drip from my compost tumbler.

11-Sep-2020 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

DT45 - Does what it says. well made.

11-Mar-2020 - Paul Skingle -

DT16 - ideal for our workshop requirements, will order more in the future

11-Mar-2020 - Paul Skingle -

DT127 - exactly as described , good quality

12-Feb-2020 - Howard -

DT45 - Product description was accurate

31-Jan-2020 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

DT45 - All great.

22-Jan-2020 - David Haskell -

DT95/TP - Great item, just what we required.

18-Dec-2019 - John Cheale -

DT100 - Cheap & tough.

08-Nov-2019 - Penelope Gardner -

DT172 - Used for re potting large Dragons Blood tree. Couldnt find sizelarge enough for pot.

30-Oct-2019 - Simon Davies -

DT112 - Nice solid construction..

30-Oct-2019 - Simon Davies -

DT95 - Nice solid construction...

06-Sep-2019 - Richard Pyshorn -

DT95 - Great value product, and very tough

13-Jul-2019 - Retro Defenders -

DT45 - Very nice product @ a great price

05-Jul-2019 - Lisa Butterworth -

DT45 - Great product, ideal for our company.

12-Mar-2019 - Dan Willis -

DT100 - Good quality drip tray!!!

25-Feb-2019 - Adrian Roper -

DT95 - It's a great size, if the entrance to my studio was bigger I may have gone for the next size, but I feel that this will be just the right size for my work as a artist in paint pouring, and it is deep so it will catch any paint which may have gone on the floor or other part's of my studio.

22-Feb-2019 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

DT172 - Its a plastic tray and black.

29-Nov-2018 - Paul Knight -

DT100 - really sturdy much better than expected

23-Oct-2018 - Lawrence Randall-Kattner -

DT127 - Good quality product, should last a long while

10-Oct-2018 - B.R Holland and Sons Limited (Wayne Holland) -

DT127 - Great service many thanks

14-Sep-2018 - David Malby -

DT100 - Couldn't fault the product, price, delivery or documentation.

31-Aug-2018 - Miles Wilson -

DT100 - Robust quality for intended purpose

14-Jul-2018 - David Corker -

DT112 - Just what i orderd can't folter

12-Jul-2018 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

DT172 - Perfect for what we required them for .

11-Jun-2018 - Glen Curtiss -

DT127 - excellent piece of euipment

20-May-2018 - Fiona Holohan -

DT95 - perfect for the job we wanted

30-Apr-2018 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

DT45 - Great service and product!

23-Apr-2018 - Yury Saakov -

DT172 - reliable and hard , good packed

12-Feb-2018 - Martin Gallagher -

DT127 - Good quality drip tray...

18-Dec-2017 - Ricardo Goncalves -

DT127/TP - all good! good customer service skills

05-Dec-2017 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

DT112/TP - As described, solid construction.

05-Dec-2017 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

DT100 - Excellent quality, would buy again

23-Nov-2017 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

DT100 - Good quality and goods as described

18-Nov-2017 - Amanda Jackson -

DT95 - Excellent product and light.

15-Nov-2017 - Sue Francis -

DT95 - Just what we needed - good quality item

17-Oct-2017 - Anna Kelly -

DT127/TP - Does the job perfectly!!!

16-Jul-2017 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

DT100 - I'm actually using the drip tray as a vessel to soak my BBQ hotplate in. It works well and keeps the mess away from the kitchen sink

28-Jun-2017 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

DT127/TP - We use these trays for collection of water from overflows/condensate pumps where humidity is a major factor but not constant

24-May-2017 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

DT100 - Perfect for the job required - in constant use under water cooler to catch spills and drips!

22-May-2017 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

DT95 - For use in my Dog grooming business

18-May-2017 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

DT95 - Excellent quality for the price, really sturdy

02-May-2017 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

DT112 - excellent

29-Mar-2017 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

DT100/TP - Great product - great service

23-Mar-2017 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

DT100 - To collect drips of food grade oil from our cookers

06-Mar-2017 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

DT100/TP - Robust trays that look as if they'll last. We're using them in a loft for occasional slight rainwater ingress under slates in specific weather conditions, so they just need to remain stable over time.

10-Jan-2017 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

DT95 - Used to place underneath vintage aircraft. They always leak!!

03-Nov-2016 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

DT127/TP - items better than we expected, very sturdy and will be great for the overflow water problem

20-Oct-2016 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

DT112/TP - goods very good, just what the site needed.

12-Oct-2016 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

DT127/TP - Good Quality Product at a reasonable price. We use them for Storing our waste Vegetable oil before it is collected for recycling.

03-Oct-2016 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

DT127 - Purchased this drip tray for our compressor to sit in, so that, in the event of a leakage it will be contained, rather than seeping into the concrete floor. This helps us to maintain our ISO 14001 Environmental Management status.

11-Jul-2016 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

DT100 - The item was a plastic drip tray......but I wanted a very large cat litter tray for our Maine Coon cat (they are quite large when fully grown!!) and this tray is ideal, cheaper than a proper litter tray, a good size, and robust - great!!

15-Mar-2016 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

DT95/TP - good service

07-Mar-2016 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

DT95 - I have an oversized oven, which means the plastic bags provided by a certain manufacturer to clean my oven shelves are just too small and so the chemicals leak out. After damage to my worktop I spent ages looking for something I could lay the shelves within the unsealed bag into. This tray was perfect. Not what it was manufactured for but did an excellent job. Also used it to pot up my seed trays so I didn't spread compost all over the place. Any spillage was siphoned back into the compost bag so no waste. I'm sure I'm going to find more uses!

03-Dec-2015 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

DT95 - Water purification System

25-Nov-2015 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

DT95 - Quality Item

15-Oct-2015 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

DT100/TP - Used to store 25 litre chemical drums.

25-Sep-2015 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

DT95/TP - Would recommend to other garages, good quality product

02-Jul-2015 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

DT100 - It does exactly what the description says it does. It's good quality and useable time and again

03-Feb-2015 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

DT95 - use it as a tray to catch possible spillages, would recommend to similar customers

10-Nov-2014 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

DT100/TP - good value for the money

23-Jun-2014 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

DT95 - Great service. delivery came quick no damage. if needed will use company again.

27-May-2014 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

DT100 - using in a motor garage. good quality plastic.

25-Mar-2014 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

DT100/TP - Good quality

05-Mar-2014 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

DT95 - good quality product - recomend to other dept

05-Mar-2014 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

DT100/TP - Good value ideal for all mobile plant

18-Oct-2013 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

DT127 - Really Strong Plastic Built to last and take a beating. Quality stands out on this product. Excellent.

17-Oct-2013 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

DT112/TP - Good quality product. Highly recommended.

10-Apr-2013 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

- exactly as the description said

20-Mar-2013 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

- Drip trays

09-Oct-2020 - Ewen Clunie -

DT95/TP - great item when it turns up not broken

06-Jan-2020 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

DT45 - ok for what I wanted them for

25-Oct-2019 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

DT127 - First one was broken but replacement was fine. Bought as a Whelping tray for the imminent birth of our pups.

05-Mar-2017 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

DT95 - Actually ordered the single drip tray and haven`t had a chance to use it yet but it is in good condition so assume it will be fit for the job.

29-Mar-2016 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

DT95/TP - Good quality. Would like more choices for size.

02-Mar-2016 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

DT127 - Good range of products that was ideal for what i required .

20-Jul-2015 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

DT100/TP - Perfect for acting as a drip tray to catch spills from my jerry cans

09-Feb-2015 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

DT95 - Fit for purpose

06-Nov-2014 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

DT95 - Drip Trays are good quality and solid. Comfortably sit on warehouse racking and fit all our printer inks.

18-Aug-2014 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

DT100/TP - Good quality, very pleased

15-Aug-2014 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

DT95 - Used for defrosting a tall fridge that has a water reservoir much too small to take all the defrosted water. The next size up would have been much to large.

12-May-2014 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

DT95 - The product was as described and of good quality for this type of product. It was well packaged and delivery was better than expected.

10-Feb-2014 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

DT95 - Product used for putting under vehicles while re-fueling. Works as described. Fair quality for the price.

10-Feb-2014 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

DT95/TP - I store our Generators in the trays. So far they have performed as required and expected. Quite durable and have a good deepth to them.

22-Jan-2014 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

DT95 - Good product

30-Apr-2018 - Brian Morgan -

DT127/TP - see above post in customer experience

03-Feb-2015 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

DT95 - Drip tray

05-Oct-2020 - Matthew Coupland -

DT172 - Not used the product personally yet.

23-May-2021 - Anonymous Trusted Customer -

DT45 - Charlatans.. passing off products as their own

08-Sep-2020 - Angela Garratty -

DT127 - Worth £4 at the most, cost to customer... £50 something.

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Customer Questions

Andy - 28 Sep 2020

Q. Can you confirm the internal dimensions of the E416876 drip tray please?

A. The internal dimensions at the top of the DT172 (E416876) tray are approximately 77.5 x 77.5 x 11.5cm, as the trays taper the internal dimensions at the bottom will be slightly smaller.

Andrew - 28 Aug 2020

Q. Can I leave, say, something soaking in detergent/water mix overnight? Thanks

A. These trays are made of strong recycled plastic and we can confirm you can soak items overnight in a detergent /water mix overnight.

Mark Jones - 15 Aug 2020

Q. would it be possible to fit a solvent weld overflow pipe to your dt45 tray

A. Although not described as flexible, these trays are not fully rigid and therefore solvent welding directly to the tray is likely to be unsuccessful, however, a threaded outlet (secured with a nut) should prove to be an effective way of creating an overflow pipe.

Bob Howie - 02 Aug 2020

Q. Hi Ese direct Could you manufacture or do you manufacture white drip trays 1200mm X 400mm x 50mm

A. Sorry, we are currently not able to supply white drip trays.

Stuart - 15 May 2019

Q. Please advise internal dimensions of the DT95

A. Internal dimensions of the DT95 - 910mm x 450mm x 130mm High

Anonymous User - 22 Jun 2018

Q. What are the inside dimensions of the tray 640 x 490 x 120 ?

A. Internal dimensions of this drip tray is 550 x 410 x 128mm high

Anonymous User - 14 Jun 2018

Q. Can we get a drip tray to fit on a euro pallet (just smaller than 800 mm x 1200 mm) to allow for pallet collars?

A. We can only offer these drip trays to the sizes shown on our website

Anonymous User - 10 Apr 2015

Q. Has your Giant trip trays got a corrugated bottom?

A. No, it hasn’t. The bottom is smooth and flat, the picture shows a absorbent pad in the bottom which you can move.

Anonymous User - 15 Dec 2014

Q. What are the trays made of?

A. They are made from HDPE (High density Polyethylene)

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