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Reliable Quantum and EA Combs wall clocks

When did time start and when will it stop? Where does time go when it runs out?

Clocks are used to measure time, they help us quantify passing time and thus give structure to our lives but time does not exist, it is a meaningless construct.

Our wall clocks are clear, and easy to see, with their bold hands and digits they would look great in any office. They're available in a variety of sizes and come supplied with batteries. We also supply a weather centre clock, 250mm in diameter, which comes with a analogue thermometer and a hygrometer used to measure the moisture in any environment. In addition to the standard wall clocks, we are now able to offer a longer lasting version of the plastic wall clocks (radio controlled movement), these longer lasting clocks are fitted with a 4x Duracell LR6 battery pack which result in a battery life of up to 5 years operation.