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Roller Shutter Cabinets

Roller Shutter Cabinets from ESE Direct

Roller shutter cupboards provide added security with fully lockable shutter doors that protect their contents. There are cabinets in both medium or heavy-duty models with a variety of colours to choose from including grey, green, blue and red. Inside the cupboard there are several storage options available including shelves, drawers and louvred panels.

Often used as office cupboards, these items of furniture have a tambour door on the front. This door is able to disappear inside the top of the cabinet, granting access to the contents.

How Do Roller Shutter Cupboards work?

In most conventional industrial cupboards, the doors are fixed and inflexible sheets of metal, but these cupboards are different. Instead of opening up towards you like traditional doors would, these one can be pushed up and pulled down again as required. This door action is achieved by the fact that the doors are constructed from metal slats joined together. This means that the whole door is able to bend and flex in order to fit into the roof of the cupboard and even pass into the rear of the structure.

What are the advantages of shutter doors?

There are two main advantages; security and space saving. Due to the slatted nature of the doors, they are very strong and very difficult to force open. Traditional doors are vulnerable to being broken into with a crowbar, where as these open from the bottom, so make forced entry more difficult. Added to this, the slats will work together to absorb impact from the front, unlike a door make from a single sheet.

Secondly, the fact that the doors slide up and down reduces the need to have space in from of the cabinet for the doors to swing around in. This can be very important if the cabinets are deployed in a narrow corridor or where other obstructions may exist in the space in from of the cupboard.

What can I keep in them?

Roller shutter cupboards are great for storing items that you need to keep safe, like valuable stock or important paperwork. It is worth pointing out that these cupboards are not hazardous storage solutions and should only be used for storing non-hazardous substances.

If you are looking for a strong, practical way to keep tools and equipment safe in your workshop, then a roller shutter cupboard is the product you are looking for.