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Exit Transit Chairs

Emergency chairs for safe evacuation

Leaving a building quickly and safely in an emergency situation isn't usually an issue for an able-bodied person. But for those with accessibility needs it can be a real challenge and requires specialist equipment.

Hospitals and care homes are a good example of locations where a large number of people would be unable to move quickly unaided. So, it's imperative in the event of an emergency that professional escape equipment is readily available.

In an emergency such as fire, lifts and escalators would be out of bounds. This means that escape routes will often involve the use of staircases. Stairs can be a no-no if you're recovering from an operation or for wheelchair users. But with uniquely designed safety equipment stairs no longer need to remain inaccessible.

Exit chairs provide an effective evacuation solution.

Many public services are located in multi storey buildings which by nature involve stairs, lots of stairs! That's where escape chairs are the ideal solution.

Evacuation chairs can be folded and stored on a wall mount. The best place to locate your exit chair is at the top of each stair well. And always ensure your staff are aware of these locations.

Our range of evacuation chairs include those with four wheels which are easier to move along corridors and in areas where you need to travel a distance to exits, which don't involve flights of stairs.

All evac chairs supplied by ESE Direct come with safety seat belts to ensure the user will not fall from the chair. Tracked evacuation chairs glide effortlessly down stairs and the wheels safeguard a smooth landing at the bottom of the stairs.

If your evacuation route involves climbing upstairs, you may like to opt for the Exitmaster Elite transit chair as this is specially designed for this purpose. The Elite chair would involve two people to lift the chair in these circumstances.

It's also important to bear in mind, if there is a designated person or team who will be helping mobility impaired people into the chairs that appropriate training should be given. Emergency situations will be stressful and will require a calm and knowledgeable approach.

Safe escape procedures should be in place in all public buildings.

In the event of a fire emergency, the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005 should be in place. This means that any one owning and in charge of a business should comply with the rules seat out in that regulation.

So, provision of exit chairs is just one important step to ensuring a safe and comfortable exit in the event of an emergency. Don't forget that correct safety signage is also compulsory, we can also supply that for you. You may also like to take a look at our selection of access ramps and emergency door equipment which will help your business be Disability Discrimination Equality Act 2010 compliant.

For further advice on our wide range of emergency evacuation chairs, give our helpful sales team a call on 0808 278 2009.