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Walk-In Storage Containers

Secure Site Storage

These heavy duty storage containers will provide secure outdoor storage for site tool and materials, meaning you can leave your work site at the end of the day, safe in the knowledge that your valuable equipment is locked up safe. Big enough to walk in to, these storage containers are large enough to house a whole range of tools, such as electric drills and testing equipment, along side building materials such as wood or plasterboard.

As a more secure alternative to a traditional wooden shed, these tough and practical units are great for domestic use too, where serious hobbyists have expensive and specialist equipment they need to lock away when not in use. For extra peace of mind, some of our range is also fire resistant and fire rated to half an hour.

As these storage containers will typically need to be assembled on site, it is also worth knowing that they are easy to put together, with some of them able to be assembled by two people in minutes. Available space is also a consideration, all of our safe storage containers come in a range of sizes, so you can chose the one which matches the amount of storage space you need.