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Wheelbarrows & Tilt Trucks

Plastic and Metal Wheelbarrows

Our range of plastic & metal wheelbarrows are the ideal purchase for both commercial and personal use. Take your pick from plastic and metal wheelbarrows for light duty or heavy duty use. Each wheelbarrow is supplied with 1 or 2 pneumatic wheels capable of coping with repeated use over hard, rough terrain. Replacement wheelbarrow wheels with pneumatic tyres are available if you're unfortunate enough to get a puncture. Selected wheelbarrows are available with yellow puncture proof tyres eliminating the need for further investment in replacement tyres.

Traditionally, plastic wheelbarrows have been favoured by equine yards, their strength and relative lightweight making them ideal for mucking our stables or taking out into fields in all weathers. The vibrant choice of colours also makes them attractive to look at and even fun to use.

Serious gardeners and builders alike are more likely to go for the galvanized or metal models, with the dual wheel pneumatic wheelbarrows available for those extra tough jobs

Tilt Trucks, ideal for moving heavy rubble and metal

Also known as rubble carts, tilt carts are like the bigger brother of the wheelbarrow (with extra wheels). Use them to gather waste, anything from packaging waste through to bricks, rubble and shingle. The easy to use tilt mechanism means there is a much reduced strain on the operator. Select the tilt truck with a lid if the truck is being stored outside to keep the contents dry. Also handy if the truck is used to collect and store food wast to eliminate unpleasant wafting odours.

Tilt trucks handle bulky loads and make the task of transporting and dumping heavy loads much easier. Our plastic tilt trucks offer industrial strength are easy to clean and virtually maintenance free.