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Medical Storage Cabinets

Medical cabinets and controlled drug storage

Our range of medical storage covers a range of both cupboards and trolleys, and also encompasses secure as well as unsecured cabinets.

When do I need controlled drug cabinets?

Where there is a need to keep medicine on site, then it should be safely locked away when not needed. Our range of medical cupboards provide secure storage for a whole range of medical equipment. A close relative of the hazardous storage cupboard, these cabinets provide controlled access to restricted items such as medicines or medical supplies.

Where can I use these?

Wherever drugs and medicines are kept, there is a need to limit access to them, this can be especially important if the cupboard is in a room where the public can gain access or even if the room is open to other, unauthorised staff. This range of storage is great for care homes, where drugs can be kept on site without the need for constant supervision, and yet can be access quickly when required.