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Stretch Wrap & Dispensers

Stretch film and pallet wrap dispensers

When items are palletised, you need some way of securing the items on the pallet to stop unwanted movement or lateral motion. This is where the act of wrapping the pallet in plastic film comes in, securing the load and keeping things neat.

Do I need a dispenser?

Although stretch wrap can be applied straight from the roll, if large items need to be wrapped or if it is part of everyday routine, a dispenser will quickly pay for itself in terms of the efficiency it brings. The dispensers are a fairly basic tool which simply holds the wrap flat and allows the spool to spin and apply layers of film without twisting or tangling the wrap.

At the budget end of the range, some of the dispensers are little more than a plastic stick that the roll of wrap sits on, very much like a toilet roll holder, as the price goes up, extra features such as nicer handles and automatic tension settings start to become available.