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Garage Shelving

Garage Shelving Units

Free standing garage shelving is a great way to make your garage or shed into a tidy and well organised space. Boltless metal shelving makes for a great upgrade to the plastic shelving that is often put in outdoor sheds, being constructed from chipboard and pressed steel makes for a robust and practical way to keep storage boxes off the floor and keep tools and materials neat and easy to find.

Although these shelves shouldn't be considered as heavy duty shelving, the bay capacities are normally adequate for the needs of most garden shed owners or hobbyists, and the fact they simply click together means they can be assembled fast and with the minimum of tools.

What can I keep on my garage shelves?

The nature of these unit is that they are flat wooden shelves suspended between metal uprights, this means that they will be suitable for most storage needs, but you should avoid items that are likely to be put away wet or that may spill, as this will damage the chipboard. Many people chose to use these shelves along with plastic storage boxes, to protect the surface from leaks and keep smaller items together. 

Whilst we would not recommend these shelving units for stockrooms, they are great for use in stores or cupboards, often as a place to keep cleaning materials or spare supplies. Most offices will need to have a space somewhere in order to keep cloths, brooms and buckets and this versatile garage shelving system will perform that task with ease.

The dream of a clutter free garage or shed is well within your grasp, as these shelves are great value and easily tap together, meaning you could be living in a garage space that brings you nothing but joy in a matter of moments.

How do I put them together?

As previously mentioned, these garage shelves are boltless, meaning that there are no separate fastenings holding it together. They work by having small punched holes in the uprights that have corresponding spurs on shelf holdings, these two elements fit inside each other in order to hold the unit together, this means that aside from a soft mallet no special tools are required.