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Mechanic's Seats

Mechanic stools and creeper seats

Our range of garage stools are specially designed for mechanics and other technical professionals to use in a vehicle maintenance setting.

Typically round in design, with a padded seat, these stools are used to get people at the right height to perform a range of mechanical tasks. Many of them feature a gas sprung system that can move the seat up and down to fine tune the working height.

In order to move around a work area, these seats feature a four or five swivel castor design. This gives rise to their alternative name of a mechanic creeper seat, as they can be move around with your feet whilst you are sitting on it. The castor wheels are typically oil resistant swivel castors and add to the extra comfort of moving these stools.

As these seats are likely to come into contact with oil and grease, there are designed to be easy to clean with the top cushion able to be wiped with a cloth. Below the seat is a handy storage tray. This can be used keep easily lost spare parts, such as a replacement ball bearing or other small items. Tools can also be housed in these trays, providing a storage tray that keeps items close to hand.

If you are after a bit more luxury, we offer deluxe seats. These have extra padding attached to a heavy-duty steel frame. The powder coated finish will resist corrosion and they still have the handy tool tray.

As these creeper seats all have wheels, they should not be used as step stools, since they are not guaranteed to stay still when stepped on. Mechanic's seats are a valuable addition to garages and anywhere that carries out maintenance on motor vehicles.