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Sack Holders

Bin Bag Holders and Sack Holders

These free standing frames act as a support and lid to sacks or refuse bags. Operated with a foot pedal, they are effective in both recycling and the segregation of waste.

The pedal operation means that the lid can be opened with a hands free action, and when full, the sack can be easily removed and disposed of. This means that a bag stand can be a very hygienic waste recycling system, with the added bonus of the foot pedal providing infection control for workplaces. This is achieved via the fact that germs will not be passed on due to human contact with bin lids.

With the sack forming the removable body of the bin, the remaining elements are easy to clean. The frames of these bins tend to be either stainless steel or powder coated steel, but an alternative to this is a plastic frame.

For certain industries, it will be necessary to have a fire retardant sack holder in order to limit the risk of fire being caused and spread with the disposal of hot waste.

While the bag stand's capacity will be governed by the size of the bag used, most of these holders are designed to be used with standard bin bags that hold 60 litres. The smaller capacity sack holders are more like a standard pedal bin, where the refuse sack is taken out once full.

To aim with recycling, the front opening can colour coded. This gives a visual cue on the lids as to what type of waste should be placed in the bin. This segregation of waste material is a key part of an effective recycling system.

If a free standing sack holder is not practical for your workplace, then there is the option of looking into a wall mounted bag stand. These fix to a convenient wall, which provides support at the correct height. The downside of these types of product is the lack of mobility, but this is offset by the extra stability.

Also available are mobile sack holders, these are used by caretakers or cleaners to tidy up outside spaces. Often needed after festivals or in schools, they enable large outdoor spaces to be cleared of litter and taken to the correct disposal area.