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Parts Washers

Small Parts Washers and Parts Cleaning Tanks

A parts tank is a piece of equipment specially designed for use in the cleaning process of small items within an industrial setting. Available in a range of sizes, they are a common sight in engineering works and repair centre. This is due to their ability to effective remove dirt from tiny bits of machines.

The most basic form of parts washer comes in the form of a desk top version, these will sit on a work surface and items can be placed in them as they are removed from a machine. The advantage of this is that the tank can sit very close to the work area, reducing the need to carry small items across a room where they could get dropped or lost. An obvious disadvantage is the desk space these washers take up, as this reduces the working area. In addition, these bench-top models are the smallest in the range, so would be unsuitable if the items to be cleaned were too big or too numerous.

What kind of parts washer would I need?

If you need to clean items when out and about, a mobile parts washer is what you need. These mobile and light kits can a secure lid that closes, keeping the equipment safe. They also have special adaptions making them suitable for van and vehicle mounting, such as strapping points or extra handles.

If you need to clean larger parts, or have many items to clean, a free standing small parts tank is a great this to have in the workshop. This will hold the cleaning solution and oil in the removal of oil grease and dirt. These standing models are positioned at a good height for working and can be used with a water based cleaner or other types of washer cleaner.

At the top end of the range are the ultrasonic cleaners, these harness the cleaning power of ultrasonic waves in order to deliver the best in parts cleaning. These tanks are stainless steel and create microscopic bubbles to perform the parts washing. These cleaners have the advantage of being very gentle on delicate parts.

The size of the aqueous parts washer required will also be dictated by the available space, so be sure to measure the planned location of the tank to ensure that it fits. Otherwise you could find your degreaser having to live in a different place to the one you planned.