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Portable Fuel Tanks, Oil Dispensers & Pumps

Portable Fuel Tanks, Mobile Fuel Dispensers

When you have vehicles in your business, there is a need to keep them topped up with fuel. Whether this is a fleet of forklifts or lorries, there is a need to be able to get them refueled in a simple and efficient way.

Although often it is possible to get vehicles to static petrol pumps, often it is more practical to bring the petrol to where it is needed, once the content gauges tell you additional fuel is required. In order to achieve this, a portable fuel dispenser is a mobile easy way to get the job done.

These high quality hand pumps are on hand to be moved to beside a vehicle and then use a variety of dispensing methods in order to deliver diesel, petrol, AdBlue or oil. Our dispensing tanks have either electric pumps or hand operated pumps to control the flow rate of the liquid being pumped. This makes them more efficient than gravity hoses, as the fuel flow will be faster.

AdBlue transfer pumps are used in order to top up the AdBlue in diesel engines, this substance reduces the harmful emissions from engines and can need refilling regularly, depending on the mileage and use of a vehicle.