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Turntable Trucks

Heavy Duty Goods Trolleys and Turntable Trucks

If you are looking for a heavy duty trolley to move items around a warehouse, then it is worth looking at a turntable truck.

Turntable trucks have a large platform which is either solid or mesh. Mounted on four wheels, they are move around with the use of a folding handle.

The biggest selling point of a turntable truck over a standard platform truck is its turning circle. By using the handle, one of these are trolleys designed to very easily turn completely around, often within its own footprint. This makes it very useful for warehouses, where you may need to turn a trolley around, but lack space to do so.

Great as stock or office trolleys, these trucks are useful for heavy loads, with a load capacity of up to a tonne. Built with a steel frame, a heavy duty model will easily outperform a light duty folding trolley. Their pneumatic wheels mean they are able to take stock over rough ground and offer a high quality solution to manual handling of heavy stock.

If you need your heavy goods trolley to take stock that may move during transit, you should look at one that has solid or mesh sides. These will create a barrier that will stop stock sliding off the edges whilst in motion.

Turntable trolleys are a common sight around large warehouses, and as such have been long trusted to move equipment between locations. Whereas a sack trolley will need to tip items up to move them, on a platform trolley things can simply be laid down and wheeled around.

View or wide range of trucks and trolleys on the site. If you still can't find what you need, call us on 0800 1613436 and we can talk about bespoke solutions. What ever you need, we can source the perfect heavy duty turntable trucks for your business.

These turntable trucks form part of a whole manual handling solution which may also need to include pallet trucks and a folding sack truck. All of these perform slightly different tasks and are each well adapted to certain situations.