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IBC Bunds

IBC Bund Pallets

IBCs or intermediate bulk containers are used for the storage or transportation of large amounts of liquid. A standard container has a capacity of 1000 litres and will stand over a metre tall. In order to prevent spills of the stored liquid, you should also have an IBC sump to sit under the tank and collect leaks.

An IBC sump pallet is normally designed to hold either one or two containers. Single IBC bunds are big enough to hold an IBC with the sump capacity to match. On the other hand, a double ibc spill pallet will hold two containers and will have a capacity to handle the full contents of both tanks.

There is a choice of material for your sump. Most standard ones are made from tough plastic, which is relatively light and suitable for use both outside and inside. They tend to be bright yellow with a black grid on which the IBC sits. The other option is for a galvanised steel bund pallet, this is going to be much heavier, but more resistant to heat and losing its shape over time.

You will also need to consider if you need the IBC tank to be covered. The standard pallet is just an open tray with a grid on it, so it leave the tank open to the elements. The alternative to this is a covered storage bund, which also has a roof or even doors to lock away the tank.

As these items are heavy, you will need to consider how to move them. Most have special groves for forklift access, but none of them should be moved unless the IBC tank is empty or removed first.