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T Cards & T Card Planners

Individual T Cards, Display Panels and Mounting Rails to build your own bespoke T Card System or choose one of our pre built kits - Production / Work Planners and Card Racks for A4 / A5 / A6 / A7 / A8 cards - Magnetic Project Planners.

T Cards

We supply a full range of t cards available in sizes 1, size 1.5, size 2, size 3 and size 4. These are available as standard T Cards, with size 2 and 3 also available as printable T Cards in perforated A4 sheets for loading into a printer. Choose from our wide range of colours to create a colour coded system. T Card colours are - white, red, yellow, green, pink, pale blue, orange, grey, beige, and purple.

T Card Planners / boards

A T Card board or rack forms the basis of an effective production planning system. These are available as complete kits for a range of different size T Cards and a range of colours. To create your own planner purchase our individual planner panels available to suit all of our T cards. Alternatively our kits come with a pre-built board.