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Fire Exit Signs

It’s a health and safety requirement that all workplaces should be clearly labelled with fire signs, fire exit signs and fire route signs. And at ESE Direct, we have a huge range of green and white fire signs to cover every fire safety situation.

These fire exit signs should be placed around your building to safely direct personnel to the fire exit. A fire exit should be visible from any room or walkway within the building with all possible routes having clear signs to the fire exit. Whenever a change in direction occurs towards the fire exit, the necessary sign should be used to show the change in direction.

Available in rigid PVC or self-adhesive vinyl, we have diagonal and straight-pointing Arrow Signs to help navigate fire safety routes through a building, “Exit Up/Down/Left/Right” signs and a variety of Fire Exit signs. In addition we supply “Fire Assembly Point” signs and “Running Man” (left or right) signs. If you take fire safety seriously, take a look at comprehensive range of fire safety signs today. Self adhesive or rigid Fire Exit, Fire Route Signs and Fire Assembly Point Signs.

Our range of photoluminescent signs are designed to help guide people to the nearest exit, these UV resistant signs are suitable for internal or external applications and have been tested to BIN 67510 Part 1-4 for after glow performance. While the prices for these photoluminescent signs are slightly higher than the more traditional fire exit signs they really are worth it.

We also have a range of Fire Extinguisher Signs.


ISO 7010 - A Guide To New Sign Symbols

You may notice a number of changes to our Safety Signs this year. The HSSA has adopted the latest ISO EN 7010 symbols outlined in Amendments 1-6. These combine with some of the more familiar BS 5499 symbols to complete the HSSA assured range.

ISO EN 7010 has been devised to create consistent symbols, using new pictograms, which have been judgment tested across various EU countries to ensure the symbols are universally understood and recognised. The new symbols are based upon BS 5499, some have subtle differences and others are extremely different.

Your signs will be supplied to the latest specification, and therefore may look slightly different from the images.

Rigid polypropylene