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Stainless Steel Trolleys

Find the perfect stainless steel trolley for your workplace

Why choose stainless steel?

When you have the need for a tray trolley that must be suitable for use in areas where hygiene is of utmost importance, this is a great time to choose one of these trolleys.

Stainless steel is available in a wide range of types. 304 grade alloy, or A2 as it is also known is probably the most common and widely used type. This type of steel is perfect for use in a really wide range of applications, some of which include hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturing, marine engineering and the hospitality industry such as in kitchens and catering environments.

Stainless steel doesn't rust. It's also super-easy to keep clean. So if you're using your trolley for food preparation and you spill some tomato-based sauce, simply wipe away. There's no risk of your spillage sinking into a steel kitchen trolley. On other materials this can cause unwanted bacteria to build up and become most unhygienic.

Stainless steel hospital trolleys offer the best, most hygienic solution. When selecting equipment for a sterile environment such as a hospital operating theatre it's essential that it's of a high quality and safe to use. Products manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel are ideal for storing your medical equipment. They're also super easy to move quickly, and of course can be cleaned to an exceptionally high standard.

What type of trolley is best for you?

With a wide range of trolleys to choose from, you'll surely find one to suit your requirements. 2-tier trolleys are the simplest, and most commonly used trolley. The 2-tier trolley offers a base shelf with plenty of space to house and transport larger, bulkier items. The top shelf can either be used to carry extra items, or as a useful, hygienic, portable work surface.

Another option is a 3-tier trolley. 3-tier trolleys are ideal if you want to transport a large quantity of smaller items. The extra shelf, placed neatly in between the base shelf and top shelf offers additional storage. This helps to avoid unnecessary trips back and forth.

Worried about your favourite things rolling off your trolley on uneven surfaces? Don't! There's always a solution. In this instance, opt for a trolley with retaining bars. Retaining bars help keep items in place on your trays. If you're not convinced retaining bars are enough, then you could select a stainless steel trolley with deep trays. The trays look a bit like giant roasting tins and are completely enclosed on all sides.

For secure storage and transportation of valuables or sensitive items there are a selection of trolleys with integral cabinets and drawers at your disposal. The cabinets and drawers, also manufactured from quality stainless steel have an in-built lock which is secured with a key.

If you're a bit like Speedy Gonzales and whizz around at warp speed with your trolley, you may have concerns about damaging door architraves and other equipment. If this is the case then you should probably consider a stainless steel trolley which includes corner buffers. Corner buffers are located neatly, just above the wheels and provide a, well, buffer, between the trolley and your poor unsuspecting furniture!

Almost all tray-type trolleys are mounted on four stainless steel swivel castors. Swivel castors are perfect for providing optimum manoeuvrability as they turn a full 360 degrees. This means it's really easy to handle them in areas where space is limited or where you need to wheel them around tight corners. And of course as these castors are manufactured from quality stainless steel they're also allowed in your clean room!

For additional safety and optimum control over your trolley, you might like to consider swapping a couple of your swivel castors for those which include a brake. Activated by your foot, the brakes prevent your trolley from making a swift and unexpected exit.

There are also tray trolleys, manufactured from different materials. Tray trolleys are lightweight and generally made from aluminium and plastic. They're versatile and often found in a range of environments.

Shelf trolleys made from steel with laminated surfaces are a great choice for heavy-duty use in industrial situations. Please note that these, and tray trolleys are not intended for use in clean environments.