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Are grit bins for public use?

There are tens of thousands of local authority owned and maintained grit bins in use around the country. They are most commonly located close to tight bends in the road, known problem areas and junctions and highways where there is a gradient in excess of 10%.

The purpose of the local authority grit bins is to allow road users, pedestrians and parish councils to apply rock salt to potentially dangerous sections of roads as necessary during periods of icy or snowy weather.

Prepare for the unexpectedt

Local authorities are unable to grit all of the roads and pavements throughout the winter and restrict precautionary treatments to highways and pavements which are part of the P1 network. 

You can find a list of grit bin locations here

What can local authority grit bins be used for?

The grit and rock salt stored in local authority grit bins can be used by the public as necessary to melt ice and snow and as a preventative measure to prevent the formation of ice during cold snaps.

Local Authority grit bins are stocked at the start of the winter and are replenished as they are used. An online request can be made to the council to restock a grit bin, although rock salt levels are monitored and the grit bins are usually refilled at least once during the winter.

The rock salt stored in local authority grit bins is for use on public roads and pavements and it cannot be used on private property. It is forbidden to use local authority grit or rock salt on private roads, driveways and garden paths. Grit bins need to be purchased privately for domestic and business use.

Grit and salt bins for private property and car parks

One of the best ways to get prepared for the worst of the winter weather is to purchase a grit bin and stock it during the autumn for use throughout the winter. Stackable grit bins are a practical choice as they can be removed at the start of the spring and stacked and stored until the following winter. For added security, many models of grit bin are sold with lockable lids or clasps which can be secured with a padlock.

The yellow heavy duty grit bins used by local authorities are ideal for business and industrial settings, although smaller grit bins can be purchased for domestic use with a wide range of colour choices and sizes available.

How to use rock salt

The most effective way of using rock salt is to spread it in the evening or at night to prevent the formation of ice. Rock salt should be scattered evenly over the road or pavement surface to prevent snow from settling.

To treat an area already covered by snowfall, the loose snow should be cleared before the rock salt is spread. The salt lowers the melting point of water and melts snow and ice, allowing slush to be easily cleared away.

Our range of rock salt and grit bins

We have a wide range of rock salt and plastic grit bins for private, business and local authority use, including 5 litre grit bin packages for domestic use and heavy duty 200L and 400L grit bins for businesses and local authorities.

Our heavy duty 200 and 400 litre grit bins are manufactured from corrosion resistant polypropylene to cope with harsh winter weather conditions, which ensure many years of use. Grit bins are available in blue, red, green, black and yellow and include lockable and stackable grit bins. We also stock salt spreaders, scoops, corrosion resistant shovels and rock salt by the 25-kilo bag or 21-bag/ 42-bag pallet.

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