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Artistic use for industrial drip tray

We do love an alternative use for an industrial product, here we look at one of our giant drip trays in a rather more creative setting.

One of our customers, Phil Greenwood is based in Kent and is a specialist artist. He came to us looking for a drip tray big enough to fit his copper plates, which he etches to create pieces of art. He opted for the large square drip tray which measures 800 x 800 x 120mm.

Giant industrial drip tray used to create art

Phil explained, "I have put a tap to the tray and use it to etch copper plates in nitric acid, I am an artist and I have several trays but not one big enough for some new work I am doing, this was the perfect size."

We think adding a tap to these drip trays is a genius idea as large trays like this one can be tricky to handle when full. The tap will make emptying the tray much easier and safer, especially in this instance as we're dealing with an acid.

You can take a look at some Phil Greenwood copper plate art on his website.

Photograph of Debs

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