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First Aid in the Frost: Must-Have Supplies for Winter Emergencies

As winter approaches, businesses across the UK must prepare for the unique challenges posed by colder weather. Making sure employees stay safe during this season is key; one essential aspect is having a well-stocked first aid kit. In this blog post, we're highlighting the crucial first aid supplies that are a must-have for workplaces during winter.

Why winter can mean more accidents in the workplace

Winter increases the chances of accidents at work. Shorter, darker days make it tough to spot hazards, and cold weather means ice everywhere, indoors and out, which is a recipe for slips and falls. If you're working outside, these risks are even bigger. Plus, winter can make the usual risks, like using machines or driving on icy roads, even trickier. The cold can affect your hands and slow you down, making it harder to get jobs done safely, especially if you're out in the cold or a chilly place. Winter can be when many of us catch colds or the flu, which doesn't help with staying alert and avoiding accidents. All these things add up, meaning more accidents at work in winter. So, it's important to keep an eye out during these months and ensure you have the tools you need to protect your team.

first aid supplies for working in winter

The importance of winter-ready first aid kits

As we've seen, in winter the risk of accidents increases due to icy conditions, colder temperatures, and shorter daylight hours. Slips, falls, and exposure to cold can lead to injuries and health issues that call for immediate attention. A well-prepared first aid kit is your first line of defence in these situations, helping to provide immediate care and prevent complications.

What should a workplace first aid kit include?

A well-equipped workplace first aid kit is a must for any business, big or small. It should typically include a variety of bandages – bandages for small cuts and sterile gauze pads for larger wounds. Disinfectant wipes and creams are crucial for cleaning and protecting wounds from infection. It's also a good idea to have a supply of gloves to keep things as clean as possible whilst administering first aid. Pain relief medication, such as aspirin or ibuprofen, can be included for minor aches and pains. For more severe injuries, a first aid kit should have tools like scissors for cutting bandages and tweezers for removing splinters. Don't forget to include a thermometer for checking body temperatures and a CPR face shield for safe resuscitation procedures. Specific workplaces might require items like burn dressings or eyewash solutions. Remember, the contents should be checked regularly and replaced so the kit is always ready for use.

As well as the items mentioned above, we've included a round-up of our top three winter-specific pieces of kit to include in your workplace first aid kits during winter.

1. Koolpak instant hot packs

Koolpak Instant Hot Packs are a must-have in your winter first aid arsenal. These easy-to-use packs can be activated instantly, providing heat without needing electricity or pre-heating.

They are perfect for a range of applications:

  • Pain relief for sore muscles: Winter activities or slips on ice can result in muscle strains. These hot packs help reduce muscle stiffness and pain.
  • Keeping warm: In cases of hypothermia or when someone is exposed to prolonged cold, these packs can be a vital heat source.
  • Versatile uses: Beyond medical needs, they can be used to keep food warm during outdoor work or events.

2. Response body fluid disposal biohazard kits

Winter brings an increase in colds and flu, making it important to handle body fluid spills safely. The response body fluid biohazard spill kits are designed for the safe and efficient clean-up of potentially infectious bodily fluids, such as blood, vomit, and urine. These kits typically include protective gloves, disposal bags, absorbent granules, and disinfectant wipes, ensuring spills can be dealt with swiftly and hygienically, reducing the risk of infection.

3. St John Ambulance Statutory Green Box First Aid Kits

St John Ambulance offers a range of first aid kits suitable for different business sizes, keeping you compliant with health and safety regulations:

  • Small Workplace Kit (Up to 25 Employees): Ideal for smaller businesses, this kit includes essentials like plasters, bandages, and eye wash, covering a variety of minor injuries.
  • Medium Workplace Kit (25-50 Employees): This kit contains a larger quantity of supplies, suitable for medium-sized businesses, and includes additional items like burn dressings and foil blankets.
  • Large Workplace Kit (Up to 100 Employees): Designed for larger workplaces, this comprehensive kit covers a wide range of potential injuries, from minor cuts to more serious accidents.

Be prepared and be compliant

Preparing for winter emergencies is a critical aspect of workplace safety. By equipping your business with essential items, you create a safer environment for your employees. Remember, a well-stocked first aid kit is not just a regulatory requirement; it's a cornerstone of responsible business operation and a way to help your staff stay safe.

Expert advice in winter and beyond

Want to make sure your workplace is safe and prepared for any emergency this winter? Explore our range of first-aid kits and PPE workwear tailored to meet your business needs. Whether you're a small retail business or a large manufacturing group, we've got you covered with kits that cater to various workplace sizes and specific requirements.

If you're unsure what you need Mark and Stuart from our Technical Sales Support team are here to help. They're experts in workplace safety and can guide you in choosing the perfect first-aid kit for your workplace. Give them a call at 0808 258 0375 for personalised advice, or email [email protected]. We aim to make your workplace safer and ready for any situation. So, browse our website or other blog posts now and take the first step towards a safer and more prepared workplace.

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