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ISO 7010 Safety Signs


At ESE Direct all the safety signs we supply have updated to comply with the ISO 7010 requirements. In the past safety signs were designed to the British Standard BS 5499, however ISO 7010 is a universal international wide standard. ISO 3864 was published back in 1984 and formed the basis of BS 5499, however this was never enforced into UK law. However the ISO 7010 is to be enforced and will become Pr EN 7010 to be written into UK and European law.

Most of the changes to the signs will be minor, however where in the past many European countries had similar signs with these will now be universal. Some of the images on our website may still not have been updated yet but the product you will receive upon ordering will be the updated ISO 7010 compliant signs.

In addition to ensuring the compliance with ISO 7010 our rigid PVC signs are now manufactured from rigid polypropylene which is more environmentally friendly.

Rigid polypropylene

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