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The Four Seasons of ESE Direct

Good old British weather can't seem to make up its mind what to do these days. Sunshine one day, torrential down pours the next regardless of which month it is! Summer now appears to be a distant memory. It's almost time for children to go back to school, to reach for your furry coats and UGG Boots and get prepared for Autumn. So, here is our guide to The Four Seasons.

The phrase has been around for many hundreds of years. What do you think of when someone mentions The Four Seasons?


A favourite Friday night doughy treat, some prefer a Margherita others something hot and spicy like a meat feast. Can’t make up your mind? Go for a Four Seasons formally known in Italian as Le Quattro Stagioni. Each quarter of the pizza has a different topping with each one representing a season. Originally artichokes represent Spring, olives suggest Summer, mushrooms mean Autumn and ham hams it up (sorry!) as Winter.

An exotic spa hotel and resort

Everybody needs a spot of pampering once in a while and The Four Seasons group of five-star spa hotels are just the remedy. The company was founded in Canada 1960 and now has 98 properties in its portfolio. Whether it’s a massage or manicure, facial or a simple swim you’re after you’ll revel in the luxurious surroundings.

1960's legend, Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons

Sixties singing sensation has recently made somewhat of a comeback due to the success of the West End and Broadway Musical, The Jersey Boys. It is described as a jukebox musical and takes you through a journey of the lives of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons. The theatre is a perfect place to be any time of the year.

Antonio Vivaldi

Vivaldi was a prolific composer of the 18th Century musical Baroque period. He wrote his work The Four Seasons in 1720. They are a series of four violin concerti and an incredible demonstration of musical imagery and variety of textures and timbres.

Spring 'La primavera'

It’s never too early to buy a fan! Get them in the Spring. Don't leave it until the Summer when you'll be left sweating over the lack of choice of these marvellous cooling inventions, get your fantastic fan before the heatwave hits!

Summer 'L'estate'

Warm weather signals thirsty plants and dusty cars. There’s no need to splash around filling your watering can twenty times to water your plants or wash the car. Whatever the task, you can water with ease with an 18 metre retractable water hose reel. They are simple to connect and can be wall-mounted making them really easy to store. They are in stock and can be delivered direct to your door within 3-5 watering days!

Autumn 'L'autunno'

Slippery leaves are a hazard during the fall, just as icy roads, car parks and pavements are in the midst of Winter. Don’t wait until Winter is in full swing, buy your rock salt before you get snowed in! Be prepared and get it now before it’s gone. To make spreading the salt straightforward you could also treat yourself to a smashing salt spreader.

Winter 'L'inverno'

So, you've purchased your rock salt and have nowhere to store it?! Worry not, a Grit Bin will soon tidy away those pesky granules and keep them clean and dry.

Already have a grit bin but no salt to fill it? Give it a purpose in life, who knew there were at least 40 alternative uses for a grit bin? You can discover some of them here.

Whatever the season, we have over 20,000 industrial products for you to choose from.


[Music of Vivaldi performed by The Blythe String Quartet, recorded live in concert at The Seagull Theatre Lowestoft, 23rd July 2010.]

Photograph of Debs

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