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Trolleys, Trucks and Sack Trucks

Trolleys, trucks and sack trucks, they all look pretty darned similar don’t they? But we are here to tell you the difference and what they can be used for in a quick guide.

Trolleys, Trucks and Sack Trucks

Never again will you feel inferior in your truck, trolley and sack truck knowledge.


There is a whole array of trolleys available covering a multitude of jobs and tasks that they can perform or assist you with, including:

  • Post Trolleys – Does what it says on the tin, designed to collect and deliver office mail and documents.
  • Tray Trolleys – You will see these mostly in schools and offices usually with the sandwich lady.
  • Retail Trolleys – These are nestable and you will usually see these in warehouse retailers like Homebase or Makro or wholesalers.
  • Cleaning Trolleys – These hygienic trolleys are used mainly in catering and food environments and can usually be configured with 2 or 3 shelves if needed.
  • and many more trolleys

Trolleys are great for moving goods, documents and post, medical supplies easily around premises.


Trucks like trolleys cover a whole array of uses, and take on many different forms from pallet stackers to wheelbarrows.

  • Drum Trucks – Specially designed to make carrying drums as easy and efficient as possible.
  • Platform Trucks – These are great for small to medium sized loads that need to be transported easily.
  • Cylinder Trucks – These allow gas cylinders to be carried easily and safely, they can also transform into cylinder storage racks.
  • Pallet Trucks – These are great for manually moving pallets by hand when a forklift is not needed.
  • Pallet Stackers – You can get these in either manual or electric to help assist with stacking heavier or awkward loads
  • Wheelbarrows – Little needs to be explained with the wheelbarrow, just that they are versatile and can be used for a number of jobs.

You will find the majority of trucks used in the factory, warehouse, and distribution industries for loading and unloading goods and moving stock about when needed.

Sack Trucks

Very similar to their 'normal' cousin the truck, these guys are designed to aid heavy lifting and transportation of heavy and/or awkward and bulky objects or good which would ordinarily cause some sort of strain to attempt manually. Sack trucks cover the following:

  • Folding Sack Trucks – These are easily collapsible ensuring that storage space is utilised and great for storing in vans.
  • Stair Climbing Sack Trucks – These are brilliant if you need to transport awkward or heavy loads up stairs.
  • White Goods Sack Trucks – Specifically designed for moving around white goods such as fridge-freezers and washing machines
  • Multi-Purpose Sack Trucks – Best used for odd shaped loads, allowing you to adjust the truck to suit.
  • And Standard Sack Trucks – Sturdy and well-built and coming in a range of sizes to suit your needs.

The great thing about sack trucks is that they are incredibly versatile and can deal with a variation of weight capacities and floor surfaces due to their wheels with bouncy pneumatic tyres.

Photograph of Laura Holland

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