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White Goods Sack Trucks

Appliance Trucks and White Goods Barrows

Appliance barrows or White goods trucks as they are also called are ideal for moving awkward or heavier loads such as washing machines, fridges, drinks machines, cookers or other bulky goods and appliances. Whether you’re a stockist or a delivery service, the last thing you need to risk when you’ve got to move a cumbersome and heavy objects like a washing machine is getting a bad back. Shifting white goods and other heavy commercial or domestic  appliances requires more than just muscle power, that’s where our sturdy white goods barrows come in.

For added protection of the appliances being moved, they have rubber padding on the steel frames, widely spaced handles to enable greater control, and one of the range also has a second pair of handles available to enable the loaded truck to be manoeuvered or lifted by two people in more confined spaces or to get up steps.